Fuck the Science Fiction Community

Bet that got your attention, didn’t it?

I thought about letting this go, but I feel like it’s incredibly important to highlight as just an example of how truly awful people in the science fiction community can be to one another.

Cirsova got mentioned in the comments of a blog post as “One of the interesting things to come from Sad/Rabid Puppies”.

Because we were brought up in a discussion about short fiction, I mentioned that we have a decent chunk of content freely available if anyone was interested in checking us out, and I pointed out that despite our fans having a conservative bent, we really only care about good stories, and I offered to field any questions.

And I got called misogynistic fascist.

By someone who is a regular columnist for Interzone Magazine.


Let that sink in a minute. An editor for a SFF publication responds in a conversation on a SFF blog where the publication was brought up and offers to field questions



This bothers me more than the time Nick Mamatas said I’d have to answer to Jesus for my lies, because everyone knows he’s kind of an asshole.

It even bothers me more than Joachim Boaz, who I’d had pleasant discussions with on WordPress and even plugged him a few times, blocking me on Twitter for no discernible reason.

I didn’t approach as a troll, a rando, a sad puppy, a rabid puppy, a member of Gamergate, the Alt-Right, or anything. I approached as an editor of a magazine willing to discuss what was going on in fiction and publishing.

Frankly, it blows my mind how fucking awful so many of people in our “Community” can be.

Race to the Finish Line

We’re wrapping things for Issue 5 as we reach the end of our Kickstarter subscription period.

We’ve gotten all edits in from copy editors and readers, and the near-final versions are in the hands of the authors for a last going-over.

The cover for the hardcover is done and pretty much ready to go. There’s nothing that will change that will affect the page-count there, so we were able to finish doing the cover for it.

When the kickstarter wraps, anyone who backed for an ad will send those in, so we can get those covers and interiors finished.

If you want to get in, now is the time. Tomorrow is the last day to back.


Lego Batman

This is just a quick review of the Lego Batman movie.

If you’re a fan of Batman, watch it.

Its story is just coherent enough that it manages to keep rolling along while delivering nonstop Batman fanservice.

Like the first Lego movie, it is painfully self-aware, and I really don’t think it’s going to stay a fresh and enjoyable approach into the Ninjago movie they had a trailer for, but if you got a kick out of narcissistic asshole Batman there, this manages to keep the funny coming.

Batman here is a grotesque, all of his worst qualities (particularly those from the 80s & 90s comic incarnations) are exaggerated and played for laughs but also to give a bit insight into just why Batman is so messed up. It ends up looking at a lot of the same themes as Dark Victory, just taking an incredibly gonzo approach to get there.

I don’t know how well it would work as an actual kids movie; there’s plenty of action and explosions and slapstick humor, but much of the comedy and entertainment value revolves around either Batman being a terrible person or Batman obscura in film, cartoons and comics. If you’re a Batman fan, it’s definitely worth a couple of bucks to see.

(Did anybody else think it was weird that they used Carrie Kelley’s character design for a Robin that was supposed to be Dick Grayson?!)

2017 Hugo Awards Nominations

Hey, two Schuyler Hernstroms and a Misha Burnett, all from Cirsova, in this!

Every Day Should Be Tuesday

I almost certainly won’t wind up voting on the Hugos this year.  The number of people nominating and voting on the awards jumped way up, but that hasn’t markedly improved the quality of the finalists.  And it’s clear that a lot of people involved don’t want the make-up of the finalists to change—at least not for the better.  And those people are committed to doing whatever it takes to guard their fiefdom, including putting No Award over very fine work.

Voting means an enormous time commitment for works that aren’t special enough to merit the commitment and without the opportunity to have much of an impact on the final results (especially when a large chunk of the voters obviously aren’t bothering to read many works).

But I did buy a supporting membership for this year’s WorldCon, so I am eligible to nominate.  I’m not going to go out of my…

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Planetary Awards Voting Open Now

Cirsova contributor Schuyler Hernstrom has several pieces that were nominated in the Short Fiction category for this year’s Planetary Awards. At least two of them (The Gift of the Ob-Men and Images of the Goddess) can be read for free on our website.

Originally posted on Planetary Awards: We’re expanding the voting pool for the awards this year, so read this entire post to find out if YOU are eligible to vote. But first, here are the 2016 stories nominated by book bloggers across the internet: Short Stories / Novellas “Athan and the Priestess” by Schuyler Hernstrom, found in…

via Vote for the best stories of 2016 — Planetary Defense Command

Cirsova #2 Free eBook until end of Kickstarter + Stretch Goals

We’re offering Kindle editions of Cirsova #2 free from now until the end of our Kickstarter. While Cirsova #2 has been free on our website for some time, we understand that it may be more convenient to have it as an eBook.

You can download it here: http://a.co/9wHX39I (note, this link will change in 5 days)

Now, for the Kickstarter…


We’ve met our goal for 2017, but we really need to raise more money to stay on track for next year.

Stretch Goal $4000 – 2 issues (Closed Submissions)

Four thousand dollars is about what we need to safely say we can put out two issues next year. We likely will not be able to have open submissions for 2018; the reason I say that is I want to make our existing contributors our priority when we can. However, I want to be able to read new stories and encourage new authors to write them. Only way I can do that, though, is we can expand our readership more than we have. There’s nothing I hate more than having to turn away great stories because of a lack of resources on our end.

Stretch Goal $5000 – 2 issues (Open Submissions)

This will give us enough cushion room that we can do open submissions. We can make accommodations for good stories that come across our desk that we otherwise might have had to turn away. We’ll be able to expand to new authors and new audiences.

Stretch Goal $8000 – 2 to 3 issues (Open Submissions)

At this point, we may be looking at a healthier long-term outlook. This will also put us in a position where we could reasonably do bulk orders and mail them out from our HQ instead of putting in dropshipments by hand, which would save us some time and money.

So, how can you help? It’s hard to say, because I know that a lot of you have spent nearly as much effort trying to get the word out about Cirsova as we have.

One of the simplest things that could help a lot in the long run are Amazon reviews; even one or two sentences can help raise our profile and get our back issues seen.

Ad Space is the biggest thing that can help us have money to buy stories, since virtually all of that goes straight into the acquisitions budget. But for ad space to be valuable, we need to grow our readership and readers need to support advertisers.

At .50 cents per issue, we’re practically giving 2017 away because we want to get it into people’s hands so they can see just how good this is.