Cirsova, Issue 2 – A Review

The Omega Crusade

The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Continues!

Cirsova Issue # 2 scores another hit for Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Regardless of where the individual tales were set, ie: alien worlds, future Earth, Revolutionary War America or deep in the blue of the present day Caribbean, every story in this latest issue is the kind of thrill-a-page, romping fun read to which I happily sacrificed much sleep in my youth.

“Images of the Goddess”, the novella by Shuyler Hernstrom would be my favorite if I had to choose. It could easily have been another run-of-the-mill ‘relic quest’ save for the unlikely nature of the artifact being sought and, more importantly, by Hernstrom’s excellently drawn characters. They were all (even the minor and monstrous ones!) fully realized. There was not a cardboard cutout in the bunch.

I must also give kudos to Michael Tierney for the mythic twist that gave his “Shark Fighter” an…

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Best Short Fiction (Only Part of the Hugos I’m Gonna Get Mad About)

For the most part, the outcome of the Hugo Awards on Saturday did not surprise me. While I’m bummed that Ku Kuru Yo and Castalia House didn’t win, it was still expected, and for the most part, I wasn’t particularly invested in a lot of the categories.

Best Short Fiction was really the only point of outrage for me. I would have loved to see Chuck Tingle* take the prize in that category.  I would have been fine with one of the other stories winning, and even No Award would not have been as terrible, given the circumstances.  But the notion that Cat Pictures Please was the best that the Science Fiction field had to offer makes me want to dash my brains out.  It was almost kept off the ballot except that one Rabid Puppy pick withdrew their nomination, allowing Cat Pictures to back into a slot.

Now, for a minute consider this comment left on a Guardian article:

“Science Fiction is defined by Clarke’s Three Laws, Fantasy is defined by Tolkien’s On Fairy Stories.

That is the end of the matter.

If the right-wing want “swashbuckling fun”, they can create their own damn genre. No, sf/f has never been about “inclusiveness”. It has almost exclusively been left-of-centre visions. Right-of-centre visions are more often found in pay-to-pray megachurches.”

Ignoring the political idiocy of the Guardian commenter, the notion that SFF is not supposed to be swashbuckling fun MUST be pervasive given the support for this sort of stuff.  This change in short fiction was already well under way by the 1970s, as was apparent in some of the worst stories I read in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

And consider that Cat Pictures Please is a preachy little piece about an AI that outs a flimsy stereotype of a closeted gay minister cuz he’ll be so much happier out of the closet.  This is what is considered the best in Short Science Fiction? This is why, while it stands to have so much potential, especially in a tablet-happy reader market, SFF short fiction still feels stuck in a rut.This is why, despite my love of SFF short fiction, I don’t waste my time on the contemporary ‘big name’ publications.

It’s not just Cat Pictures Please, or the laughably bad If You Were a Dinosaur My Love – plenty of Puppy picks and favorites last year and this were twee, saccharine little puffs of winks and cuddles fit more for a volume of Chicken Soup for the SF Soul than to be called “Best Short Story”.  I’ve made no bones ::pun intended:: about the fact that my disappointment with some of the Puppy picks was part of what inspired me to try to promote Heroic Fantasy and pulpy Science Fiction.

Are we regressives? In the sense that we’d like to drag genre fiction kicking and screaming back to a place where it was fun and awesome, I suppose so. SFF at its best should be inspirational and aspirational. There is so much potential, as I’ve said, for this kind of science fiction. People are hungry for new stories, stories they can read in their spare time, on the go, on vacation, and on their tablets—short fiction is PERFECT for that.

By supporting Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, not only are you helping us fight back against the notion that science fiction and fantasy should not be “swashbuckling fun”, you are supporting authors who create swashbuckling fantasy and science fiction by enabling us to buy their stories while paying competitive rates.

*:Worth noting that Chuck Tingle’s Space Raptor Butt Invasion has done far more for mainstream gay acceptance within the SFF community beyond capital “F” Fandom than a thousand little softly bigoted pieces like Cat Pictures Please could dream to. Also, never forget that despite the faux show of solidarity, Tingle was No Awarded after having initially been bullied and told he needed to drop out by N.K. Jemisin who went on to win Best Novel this year.

Tarzan the Cimmerian And Conan of the Apes

Hooc Ott Thak is not an anagram of Kerchak. I checked.

A few days weeks ago I made the huge mistake of promising myself to pull the threads and write about what I was seeing while reading the first two Tarzan books. Namely words phrases descriptions and scenarios which I had seen a year prior while reading some Robert C Howard’s Conan stories. Stuff I could not unsee and the more I looked the more it would pile up in my head.

Before I start I need to edit my claim “that Howard got Conan from Tarzan” I can’t prove Conan is modeled after Tarzan. I think there is convincing evidence but not a preponderance of it to say this with absolution. I can say that Howard read at least the Return of Tarzan and it did influence his Conan stories and likely his Kull stories as well.

To begin with the…

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