Where Are Cirsova Hardcovers?

The short answer? On Lulu!

Several people have noticed that only Paperback and Ebook copies are available on Amazon. Well, the sad fact of the matter is that Amazon won’t carry certain formats  printed by Lulu.

IngramSpark has been nice in some regards, but their cost for hardcovers of remotely similar quality to that which we offer through Lulu is astronomical.

So, if you have been collecting Cirsova in Hardcover, you can still do so, now and in the future, via Lulu.

In fact, we really hope you do, because we get the best margins of any product from what we sell via Lulu. It’s just that since Lulu is not considered a major go-to market-place, not a lot of people see us there.


Eric John Stark 70th Anniversary Featurette on Tangent Online

Tangent Online ran a short piece on the 70th Anniversary of Leigh Brackett’s Eric John Stark stories. You can read it here.

Queen of the Martian Catacombs will be out in two weeks!

For more information on our 70th Anniversary Edition of the Illustrated Stark and links to pre-order pages, visit our Illustrated Stark page.

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Review – Rogues of Merth, by Robert Zoltan

Cirsova was sent a paperback review copy of Rogues of Merth by Robert Zoltan.

rogues of merthRogues of Merth was an excellent read and a good bit further up my alley than my other recent contemporary read, For the Killing of Kings.

Rogues of Merth straddles the line between novel-length anthology and fix-up, collecting several standalone stories in loose chronological order and bridging them by short interlude pieces to strengthen the connection.

Rogues chronicles the adventures of Dareon, a small and boisterous would-be poet swordsman, and “Blue”, his quiet and rather introspective “savage” barbarian companion. The anthology sees them on several picaresque adventures both in their home city of Merth and abroad. The immediate comparison that springs to mind is Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser; I’m sure that there are Leiber partisans who would accuse them of being pastiche or “knock-offs”, but fans of classic pulp sword & sorcery adventures who are looking for new stories in the genre would be hard-pressed to find better reading.

For me, one of the things that really set Dareon & Blue apart from Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser is that D&B were actually likable. I’ve written before about how F&GM underwent their own grimdark reboot after the pulp era, where Leiber really made them rotten fellows. With Dareon & Blue, even though they were nominally thieves and Dareon, perhaps, a scoundrel, I never felt bad cheering them on in their quests, because they were actually pretty good people who just got into some rotten situations, often becoming agents of good and justice, righting far more wrongs than they create.

I might not go so far as to call it “Superversive”, but it’s certainly more fun and uplifting than one would expect from contemporary Sword & Sorcery revival. This one should go on your reading list, especially if you’re a fan of the classic early Fafhrd & Gray Mouser or of Cirsova, particularly our Mongoose & Meerkat series from Jim Breyfogle. There’s not a single story in this anthology that we ourselves would not have run, had we had the opportunity.

A few other things worth mentioning are Robert Zoltan’s interior illustrations, which help set the mysterious tone, and the map of the regions surrounding Merth, which promises that there are plenty more places for the duo to have their adventures before setting off to distant lands beyond the map’s edges.

You can pick up Rogues of Merth here on Amazon. The eBook is a little pricey, so I’d recommend going all-out and just getting the paperback. It’s only a few dollars more and worth it if you have the shelf-space.

Also, for those of you who enjoy audiobooks, at least two of the stories have been done up real nice and are available on youtube.

Red Shirts & Reviews


Haven’t you always wanted to be part of the shadowy underworld of outlaw spellcasters? To live the life of a magical gangster, full of danger, intrigue, unlawful conjurations, and bucketfuls of cold hard cash?

This is the book I want you to review. So make with the clicky already.

Well, here’s your chance!

I will be offering a chance to be a minor character in an upcoming story–no, wait, let’s be honest here. What I am really offering is to use your name (or the name of someone you designate) as a minor character in an upcoming story.

All you have to do is be one of the first ten people to leave a review of Duel Visions and then contact me with the link.

I will definately use the name you want in a story. It will be a piece set in the Dracoheim universe, starring Erik Rugar, Agent…

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‘The Illustrated Stark’ Drops Soon!

The Mixed GM

As you may know, I drove to Little Rock, Arkansas (5 hours there and 5 hours back home) on March 2nd to get an early copy of the newest issue of Cirsova.

20190302_201645-1566315351.jpg Get the new issue of Cirsova, if you haven’t yet!

What is that under the copy of Cirsova, you ask?

Well, until now I could not say.

I got my hands on one of two ultra-exclusive advanced copies of the hardcover edition of ‘The Illustrated Stark’.

20190410_113517458048217.jpg She may not be thicc, but she be smugg

At the end of April, you can get the hardcover edition (with all three volumes) or just volume 1 if you wish.

Let me tell you: it’s great. The stories still hold up after 70 years and the illustrations are gorgeous. Highly recommended. Go pre-order it now!

If you haven’t read these stories before, you’re in for a wild ride! Adventures on…

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Taking Advertisements for Summer! + Other Reminders

We’re taking advertisements now for the Cirsova Summer special. Space is extremely limited in this issue, so you’ll want to get in now. Our ad rates and specs can still be found here.

Note that the back cover of the Summer and Fall issues have already been sold.