Free NPCs from Shorty Monster!

To celebrate getting over 10,000 hits, Shorty Monster is offering to write up free npc, in the form of brief prose character sketches, for people to use.

Here’s one he made for me:

In a world where people were looking for a magic elixir, Grayson Dashiel was the person to provide it. He grew up as the son of a leather tanner, and worked in various trades to do with the dyeing of cloth and fabric. He became an expert on creating the most wonderful colours to adorn garment, but found that he was never appreciated, or paid any where near what he expected.

But he always watched the so called miracle workers as they made their way into town, with fancy potions and magic cloaks that promised the world. He watched them work, picked up the words needed to part fool from coin, and set out on the road himself. Instead of two-bit back waters, he found large tent cities and gatherings of people all intent on making their fortune in rediscovering lost gold and ancient relics. they were easy pickings as most had left home for the first time to try their luck in a new discovered tomb, and hardly any would get out alive to complain if the healing potions he sold them were no more than coloured water with aniseed flavourings.

Before long he was selling magic items that could be made to glow a little at the right time, and amulets laced with contact narcotics to give a feeling of invincibility. He’s close to having enough to retire on now, is old Grayson, but he’s still looking out for one last job.

If you ask him, he’ll make one up for you too!

3 responses to “Free NPCs from Shorty Monster!

    • Very much so! Even though I’ve got a lot of the world I’m working on fleshed out, I’ve been struggling for ideas for actual stories to tell in it, so this has got the gears turning quite a bit.

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