A Stripped down LotFP

Or maybe stripped down isn’t the best terminology.

Since LotFP uses Open Game License, and I really DO love what they’ve done rule-wise in their core system, I’ve been toying with the notion of doing a cleaned up version for a more general audiences release.

Notably, most of the rules and descriptive text would not need much or any changing, but I’d be looking at changing some verbage to lighten the tone and make it clearer for people new to RPGs.  Also, I’d probably be discarding some of the rules for resource management, investments, hirelings, etc.  It’s not because those things are unimportant.  They’re great, and handled really well by LotFP.  But if people want those things, well, this version would still be compatible with any system that tracked the economics of adventuring.  My idea is something that you can hand to a completely green gamer and start gaming with in a few minutes.  Worry about the complicated stuff later.  Also, I’m thinking something along the lines of Adventure Time type art.

All of this is just brainstorming at this point, but if these ideas appeal to anyone, I’d be very happy to have help and support within the gaming community!

  • Simple rules with clear descriptions (LotFP has already done most of this work for me)
  • A “neutral” core system that could be plugged into as wholesome or unwholesome gaming environment as the players want, but without invoking the latter
  • A core book that ANY OSR people would feel comfortable sharing with their kids
  • A product that does not play into pre-conceived notions about sexism and racism in the gaming community

Anyway, at this stage, I’m just thinking on the page.  I’d love to hear some feedback and perspective from other OSR types.

4 responses to “A Stripped down LotFP

  1. Did this go anywhere? I’ll include a link to my Deviant Art page, is this the kind of art you mean when you say “Adventure Time” type art? I’ll admit that I haven’t picked up a pen or doodled anything in years, but I also haven’t had a project in that time either — check out the “Guilty Gear / Fan Art” thing for my quickie sketches.



    • Not really. Even though I liked the system a lot, I ended up writing my own game from the ground up. Like I said, I’m not very good at follow through. I am going to polish up what I’ve got of the new game, though, and if you’re interested I can kick it over to you at some point.

      As for your art, while it’s not quite what I meant, it is along those lines. It reminds me a lot of the old webcomic “Adventurers!”, especially your Testament. Somewhere, someone did some long post on the concept of “implied setting” created by artwork. It was mostly in reference to the Blueholme clone, which used lots of old public domain German fairy tale art, but the central theme was that the art, more than the system itself, was what gave different games their feel by setting a certain expectation.

      The LotFP expectation is lots of (potential) rape, nudity and over the top violence. It’s not IN the game system, but it’s in the books by way of pictures. You trade that out for stuff that looks like David the Gnome, you have an entirely different game without having done anything to the game itself.

      • Right on.

        I’ve been scouring the Internet (maybe “scouring” implies too much activity) for dead painters whose work matches the look and feel I want to evoke for my game’s setting. Luckily, Classical Mythology and The Bible were popular for lots of painters whose work survived the ravages of time. 🙂


      • Yeah. That’s a lot of what I do for my “art” posts here. I may do something like that if I ever release the game I’m working on with art, but I want to also find art that subverts typical expectations of what the classes are and what they look like, and stuff like that.

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