Winter is Coming II Blog Carnival

You may have noticed I’ve got a new image link over there on the right.  That’s because i’m taking part in the Winter is Coming II Blog Carnival that is being hosted over at Dice Monkey.

Be sure to check it out!  I’ll have a guest post up over there on Friday.

Join in the fun!


Also, yesterday, Varg  told me that he might grant me an interview about his RPG  when it’s closer to being published.  I hope he means it!

2 responses to “Winter is Coming II Blog Carnival

  1. I’ve started putting something together for that myself. At the moment, it’s a bit too specific to the type of game I play, so I’m working on opening it up to a more general RPG audience. As long as they all like Neo-Victorian stuff that is…

    • Cool, I’ll be looking forward to it. Personally, I have mixed feelings about Neo-Vic & Steampunk. I liked it in theory, but have always been turned off by it in practice. I think part of it might be because my first exposure to a steam-punk setting was Thief: The Dark Project (which was f-ing awesome!), and then all subsequent exposures have been airships and dudes gluing gears to leather.

      Anyway…. Depending on what Victorian aspects you like to draw for your Neo-Victorian settings, you might check out “The Crimson Petal and the White” by Michel Faber. It’s a great read and vivid picture contrasting the sunny facade and dark underbelly of Victorian society. It’s not fantasy, but it’s very well researched and could have a lot of flavor for you to pull from.

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