Moving along… A short review of Dungeon!

What a bittersweet day to have an all-time high on visits to Cirsova! Apparently there is this thing called “Reddit”* that Shorty Monster posted me to. I find I have over 100 hits by 9 AM. I’m not really good at self-promoting, so it’s always nice when someone else thinks you’re worth telling people about.

Everyone has already been posting their reviews of the re-release of Dungeon!, so I figured I’d jump on the ship.

Everything looks really nice. Yep. It’s nice and shiney and good. I would have like for the player tokens to fit their stands better, which was really the main problem we encounterd during play. In the second play-thru, we just used the stands. This would really only be a problem if anyone were playing the same class, but since there was just the two of us, it didn’t come up. Though the character art is very well done, plastic pawns would’ve been preferable (and we very well might use them from another game for subsequent playing).

The other problem was the mechanics of randomly droping treasure after getting hit by a monster. It’s hard to randomly pick a card when the backs are marked by level. We might cook up a house rule to deal with that at some point.

The “lose a turn” tokens seemed unnecessary and it would’ve been nice for the cards (and the floor tiles between chambers) to be a little larger. Other than that, no real complains.

Overall, it’s a great value for $20, so any complaints are really minor.

*:Yes, I know what Reddit is.


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