A Music Store Page

You may or may not have noticed that there’s a new “Page” link in the upper corner called “Music Store“.

You should click on it 🙂

I said awhile back that I’d let everyone know what was up with my business and whether or not I’d be continuing it into the new year.  Personal problems, car problems, all sorts of crazy problems have led to me to the conclusion that I simply cannot afford to run a small business/hobby business, pouring money and time into it for very little return.  I’ve concluded that it’s something I need to take a break from, stack up some chips, so to speak, concentrate on my girlfriend, my day job, and on Cirsova.  As such, Retro Virus Records is no longer going to be a “business”, at least for the immediate future, and I’m probably not going to be putting out near as much music as I used to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a ton of CDs and LPs that are sitting around either in my storage room or on the shelves of various distributors.

So, I invite you to check out some of these albums.  They’ll be marked down soon, especially from the Kunaki store, so they might make some nice Christmas presents for folks.

Also, over the next month or so, I’ll be doing some “spotlights” on each of these old albums.

6 responses to “A Music Store Page

      • Do/did you also do audio recording/engineering/production on the tracks? Forgive me for not finding this information on my own. What was your involvement with the songs? I’ve skimmed most of the music posts on your blog (namely looking for game stuff) so I don’t really know what’s what.

        –Dither 🙂

      • Arte Sacra was an old italian guy I used to talk with. Medicide was myself and another guy. We recorded ‘live in the studio’ on a dictaphone. I played keyboard & bass and he had a synth. Rachael Please did all of their own stuff, I just put out their cds. Same for the STDs. I played Bass for the Kill Crazies and we put out one CD-R. The Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard was a comp made up mostly of bands I knew or was a fan of. It was sort of a halloween offshoot of a pair of punk comps I put out (Fuck Your Scene Vol 1 & 2, of which copies may be out there somewhere, but definitely not easy to find. Well, maybe Interpunk still has a copy of 2, but I dunno.) Life got in the way, and for 2013, I’ve been completely out of the music biz.

  1. I remember reading somewhere on your blog about using ‘dungeon music’ (was that this morning? I’m so scatterbrained right now) in your game sessions. I think some of the stuff I’ve heard really does help evoke some of the spooky-scary (alien?) atmosphere of the dungeon. (Dungeon punk?)

    Sorry for rambling, I’m not sure what I was trying to say. ^^;;;


    • No problem! Like I said, I highly recommend anything that Ian Linter is involved with. I played keyboards with him on the Kathedrikos Maschine album. http://astrangerparadise.com/

      I used the some of the OLoF NiNe albums for dungeon crawl background music, particularly “Fuck You’re Dead”. It really freaked some of my players out.

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