MYFAROG: Varg Vikernes’ (Burzum) new RPG

So, despite poking around on every now and then expecting to see something pop up on the news feed, I’m just now finding that Varg has had a site up since almost the beginning of January this year focused entirely on the RPG he’s been working on.

And the Play Test period is beginning soon!

Just based on the information he’s already posted, his Mythical Fantasy Roleplaying Game or “MYFAROG” looks like it’s going to be fairly brutal for hack n slashers. The combat strives for realism, but as such is complex and unforgiving, thereby discouraging (purposefully so, according to Varg) combat as a first option for problem solving. Plus, as there are no levels, and characters are simply heroic individuals, not super powered plot monsters, the engine looks to force teamwork, cunning and innovative problem solving to take out the sort of monsters who would make quick squishies out of even the most hardened of veterans. Additionally, there won’t be hit-points, but rather some sort of function of toughness (as a calculation of strength, constitution, and size?) vs strength to figure hout the results of hits in combat. In a way, this makes a lot of sense: even if you’ve killed several dragons, that shouldn’t mean that if a dragon hits you really hard you’re going to be able to shrug it off because you’re level whatever; it’s using a crane to crush a fly.

Another point I was interested in was the magic system. Varg has expressed on his Burzum blog that he wasn’t a fan of Vancian magic and that it wouldn’t show up in his game. It sounds like spellcasting is going to be based on a combination of stamina (he says it’s not the same as having spell points, but I guess I’d have to actually see the mechanics of it) and having an awesome beard (seriously, you can depower wizards by cutting off their beards).

He’s spent a lot of time on background and “fluff” a lot of which is available for download on his new page. The font is… unpleasant (I like a cleaner font for anything that will be used for reference). I’ll either get a chance to read it in the next few days or later if it’s included in the PlayTesting stuff.

For the Playtest, Varg is including a sample adventure.

The main questions will be:
How well does combat flow? As someone who has mostly just played older D&D and Exalted, it looks a little overwhelming.
How easy will it be to create for Varg’s system?
Who will be my friend and play Varg’s game with me?


8 responses to “MYFAROG: Varg Vikernes’ (Burzum) new RPG

  1. I had to read a lot about Varg for my dissertation a couple of years back, and since then have taken a rather enjoyable break from reading some of his less palatable ramblings. That being said, I’m a bit disappointed that I missed his news on writing an RPG. I think I’ll head on over and check it out.

    For the record, although I massively disagree with almost everything he says, I still like his music, so you never know, I might like the game too.

    • Early news about the RPG was more or less met with “LOL! Racist murderer with no friends is making an RPG by his loner” in the few places that mentioned it, so I don’t blame him for keeping it under wraps for the most part. But I give him this, with all of the non-sense with people starting Kickstarters with half-finished RPG products, it’s nice that he waited until the whole thing was written before making any serious announcements about it. Apparently it’s done, except for some art and any tweaks that get worked out in playtesting.

      And I agree. I have a lot of mixed feelings about him. While I disagree with a lot of his theories on race, his research on Norse mythology and Tolkien is always fascinating and enjoyable to read.

      I think I can forgive him some of his worldviews because by all accounts, he’s been a very friendly and personable individual in my limited interactions with him.

      I am a little miffed, though, that he embedded news about his RPG in his “Ancestor Cult” blog network (which he advertised as a place to post links to supremacist articles) rather than post an announcement on

      • It was for my history and heritage degree, and I was looking at ways in which extreme metal bands – of which I am quite the fan – appropriate their history and heritage for their music. There are some very good examples, like the band Cthonic, some silly ones, like Alestorm, some relatively serious ones like Ensiferum, and then some quite scary ones like Burzum et al.

        As a result, I ended up reading a lot of his stuff – translated into English by people other than himself, which I know he would have hated – and watch a lot of interview footage. I have to agree that he comes across as a very genuine and quite nice chap. In everything I’ve heard hi speak in, he comes across as reasonable, eloquent, and verbose. In a way that it makes it quite scary when you actually listen to things he’s actually saying.

        As I mentioned though, I do like the music, and his recent(ish) re-issues and re-recordings of the early Burzum stuff are amazing. If you like that kind of thing…

        And yes, his level of attention when it comes to fantasy and mythology is well documented, and if nothing else, the chance to read his take on a lot of that in his setting would be worth it alone to get in on the play test. I’ve sent my email off, so all I can do now is cross my fingers.

      • Sounds very interesting. I’m sure you’re already aware of my own proclivities towards extreme music from following the blog. It’s always a bit of a conscience struggle, since I vehemently disagree with and often oppose the views espoused by many of the musicians of whom I’m a fan.

        I’m always happy, though, when I can find something that’s comparatively innocuous (like Ahab taking excerpts from Moby Dick and setting them to funeral doom).

        Anyway, I’m kind of proud of the fact that, according to Google, I’m one of the first blogs to talk specifically about Varg’s new game without dumping all over it just because it’s Varg.

        I do find it amusing that is an expectation that fans of anything questionable, like Burzum, must first distance themselves from the views of the creator before looking at anything on its own merits. I can’t count how many blogs have posts that spend several paragraphs calling him crazy and making fun of him before mid-way through admitting to liking his music.

        (And even at the very worst, MYFAROG could never be as bad as FATAL. šŸ™‚ )

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