DC Continues to be Terrible and Make Me Ashamed to be a Fan

I can’t wait to see how DC  pretends to be socially conscientious while printing exploitation.

Judging by recent trends and the New 52, it will be cheesy, oversexed and push ‘the agenda’. Even if the writers don’t want it that way, the editors’ll make sure of it.

Then again, DC could take this opportunity to explore the multitude of rapes and sexual assaults that occurred at Occupy, and have some beloved DC Heroine be a victim in a story they will sell as both relevant AND titillating!

Dan DiDio makes me ashamed to be a DC fan.

Also, this is an interesting turn for DC, considering the success of the Christopher Nolan trilogy, whose final chapter excoriated the the sort of ideals and mayhem and ‘justice’ espoused by strains of the movement in the US.


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