Delivals, the Port of

The final stretch of the Long Road’s overland route to Polaris begins at Delivals, the Gatlia and the Cirsovan Empire’s northernmost port city on the Dusksea.  Delivals serves little purpose in the way of trade that Syflanis does not fulfill better.  The only difference is that Delivals serves as a port for Polaris.

The foothills of the Gatlian mountains stretch all the way to the coast of the Dusksea, and while it would not have been difficult to build overland passage directly toward Polaris, with an existing port at Syflanis, it made more sense for trade over the seas.  Thus, after Polaris made herself known to the empire and provided the emperor and his cartographers with the information to find the remote city, it was determined that the cape of Delivals was an ideal location for a port (the emissaries had warned not to build too far up the coast, as Polaris had once been a port city, but was now land-locked by the ice sheet that had made its way down the coast), due south of the Dreaming City.

Incoming goods largely consist of tools, textiles, food and, of course, raw crystal.  Finished crystal is one of the only exports.  Though Shuul is not openly traded in the city, it is possible to find.  Occasionally a dock-hand may be found passed out behind a warehouse with an empty bottle of the stuff nearby, though any dreams he has had will be those of your normal drunk who’s found a spirit too strong for his temperament.

Thievery along the Long Road begins in Delivals. Smaller works of finished crystal are among the first victims; anything that can be easily pocketed is fair game for sticky fingers.  Larger goods fair better until they are out upon the seas.

Delivals, the Isle of Four Emperors and Syflanis make what is sometimes referred to in Gatlia as the Pirates’ Triangle.  In order to reduce piracy, traders have made considerable effort to maintain a continuous stream of ships between Delivals and Syflanis, ensuring that no ship is too far from aid. Ships sailing from Syflanis to Corineaus in Karkuras are more vulnerable to pirates than those in the Pirate’s Triangle, despite the bay’s foreboding name.

The crime and theft in Delivals breeds a secondary market for finished crystal and other contraband.  Some docks have agreements in place with the bay pirates, allowing for certain shipments to “disappear”.  Off the books sale of Polaran goods in Delivals is a profitable business for which the local officials and nobles often look the other way, fearing that their own involvement and graft might come to light.

Delivals is represented in the Gatlian council by a Popular Representative and a Lordly representative appointed by the Baron.  A sign that the attitude towards piracy and corruption in Delivals might finally be changing is that both the people’s and the nobles’ councilmen have spoken out in support of initiatives to crack down on pirates, throwing their weight behind the up and coming young Percival Haruun in Syflanis.


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