One Page Dungeon! The Revelry at Pickett Castle.

I decided to put together a One Page Dungeon for the One Page Dungeon contest at Campaign Wiki.

You can check out a system neutral version here: Pickett Castle Sys Neutral.

I’ve also got a B/X version of it that I’ll post soon.  The only difference is I’ve included monster stats, but i guess if you’re playing seriously enough to need monster stats, maybe you’re missing the point of this module. 🙂


Update: B/X version Pickett Castle W/Stats

2 responses to “One Page Dungeon! The Revelry at Pickett Castle.

  1. Love the premise, but I’m afraid my players would immediately attack the vampires while they are ‘off guard’ and it would become a hackfest. It would be absolutely awesome for low-level PCs though since they could conceivably use stealth/surprise to eliminate the monsters in detail.

    • Thanks! It’s mostly intended for low to mid-level characters; I stuck the Vampires there to disuade any party lower than level 8 to turn things into a hack & slash maelstrom. Also, having high level clerics would quickly make the party a brief and messy affair. This module is designed to run more like a Hitman mission than a typical dungeon crawl. Characters have ample opportunity to relax and enjoy the party, as they won’t be attacked unless they create a stir. The flesh golem will do most of the heavy lifting for a low level party when it goes berserk. Wolf-man is the lynch-pin of the party. If anything happens at the DJ’s booth, the flesh golem’s subsequent party foul should be enough to kill the mood. There are lots of ways of going about it, though. I like the idea that players could wear their own monster costumes to try and be more inconspicuous.

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