Mr. Pants

I recently fell into a fey mood and felt the desperate need to:

Play Oblivion

a.As a Khajit

i. Named Mr. Pants
ii. Dressed in the finest imperial fashions

b.Who is a lordly swashbuckler

i. using ONLY a Cutlass
ii. wearing NO Armor (see also dressed in the finest imperial fashion)

c.Leveling up only when necessary

i. Stupid Anvil Mage’s guild quest
ii. Stupid Dark Brotherhood
iii. Stupid Dark Brotherhood
iv. Stupid whatever is going to make me level up next

I wish there were an “unarmored” skill like in Morrowind. Eventually I’ll probably enchant my fancy clothes for some shield bonus. Meantime, I’m trying to stay ‘under-leveled’ to where I can handle just about anything with only my blade to defend me.

3 responses to “Mr. Pants

  1. I am currently playing Morrowind, when I have the time. This time in the most cynical way ever, only levelling up when I have gained 10 skill ranks in three skills each connected to a specific attribute (to gain 5 new ranks in three different stats every time).

    So after level 30 or so I have 100 on all stats, and…it’s about time I start to solve some quests. I’ve done it all a dozen times before, though, so…

    It’s getting boring. I love Morrowind, but by now i have to admit it is indeed getting a bit boring.

    I am not too fond of Oblivion. I love to play games “vanilla”, and that’s no fun with a game where they have “level scaling”. :-/

    • As much as I love Morrowind, I find that the game world lacks a dynamic feel to match the grandeur of the setting and its backstory. So much intrigue and world-changing power-struggle takes place, yet the world always feels so unchanged, no matter what you do. In some ways, I prefer reading the in-game books and perusing the UESP encyclopedia articles to actually playing.

      I’ve never “power gamed” Morrowind (though for the first few levels I would ‘cheat’ by lowering the difficulty until I could at least hit things more often than not), and only played through once with any degree of completion. Oblivion, I have played through several more times. Despite its many flaws and failings, I keep being drawn back to it because it’s such a pretty world to get lost in.

      I have mixed feelings about the level scaling. In many ways, it is annoying, because it creates a world where there is no real sudden dangers (unless you messed up by playing an acrobat or something), but it also gives a sense that perhaps the immediate crises in the world have turned cyrodiil from a place where the most one had to worry about was a wolf or imp now and again to a place where powerful demons roam the land and travel is safe for no one.

      Still, nothing compares to the bizarre ways one could play Daggerfall. I created a ‘cultural anthropologist’ (linguistic primary and secondary stats only) based on a professor I once had who operated under the woefully ignorant and dangerous illusion that monstrous races were simply misunderstood, and given the chance would want to talk with her and share their unique insights. It took me three tries just to get her out of the first dungeon, and still no giants, orcs, harpies, etc. will talk to her, but perhaps she has learned that a good sturdy blade is better protection than good intentions and an open mind.

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