Doria is a small town in northeast Cirsova.  It is off the main highways of the Long Road.  Once upon a time, the road from Doria was all that connected Agalla and most of Ungoza to the Empire, prior to the construction of the Agalla bypass.  It is still the principal route for travelers journeying from Gatia to Ungoza, as well as those fleeing Agalla for the cozy, civilized heartlands.

The demographic makeup of Doria is much like that of Agalla.  Of course, Doria has the advantage of not being the provincial seat of Ungoza.  Doria is inhabited by those who enjoy the often mild weather of northern Cirsova but dislike the big city life in Davou.  Doria has a bit of a frontier feel to it, and it was the northeastern frontier before Agalla was settled.  One of the enclaves of Doria is populated by Cirsovans who had thought they could find wealth in some office or service of the empire or provincial praefect in Ungoza only to return disappointed and disheartened.

Though otherwise unremarkable, Doria is home to a small cult of Tamra, an Ungozan (marshfolk) goddess of the sky and heavens, that has built a shrine outside of the city.  The shrine marks the only site of worship for any marsh-god outside of Ungoza.  The cult is made up primarily of Cirsovans who had visited Illi and were enamored with the tales of the Storymen.  The shrine and its rituals bear so little resemblance to any actual tradition of the eastern marshfolk that any native Ungozan would be thoroughly puzzled by what they might see or hear.

Shepherds take advantage of the ample grasslands and Doria boasts a number of tanners.

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