Allister is town along the Orshiano River that was built on the ruins of a much older Cirsovan (or possibly pre-Cirsovan) City State. It is located about halfway between Akanasho and Korsha, with most of the city built on the northeast bank. The two parts of Allister are not connected by bridge, though ferries regularly make their way back and forth across the river at any times which they would not be interfering with the up and downstream traffic. Most of the warehouses and wharves in Allister are located on the southwest bank.

There have been a few attempts to excavate the ruins of old city, however they have all met with varying degrees of failure, ranging from worker strikes, flooding, cave-ins, and even the odd murder or mysterious disappearance of lead archaeologists, before anything of great importance was ever uncovered. All artifacts produced have reflected an otherwise unexceptional example of pre-empire Riverland culture. Much of the old city seems to have been on the southwest bank, mirroring modern Allister. None of the current residents are descended from the original inhabitants of the area, who are thought to have been exterminated or totally displaced by the unification wars.

Unlike most of the communities along the Orshiano River, Allister is connected by a road, albeit a poorly maintained and infrequently travelled one, to the rest of the Empire. The road, which is mostly dirt with scattered flagstone and is often overgrown in many places, begins at meanders southwest, eventually ending just outside the small town of Sammish. Allisterans have little reason to take the road to Sammish; though by that route, they may eventually reach Daaln, the Imperial Gateway, anyone may quickly and easily travel upriver to Gatia and then South to Daaln along much better and safer roads, or downriver to Korsha, from which a citizen may travel anywhere along the Dawnsea by sail. Despite this, the road is occassionally used by tourists. The byway to Sammish was not part of the imperial initiative to connect the empire by roads, but is likely a relic of a pre-imperial relationship between Sammish and the older City State.
An almost totally destroyed wayshrine of Sitaan is located a quarter mile from road about half-way between Allister and Sammish.

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