Have you ever ‘dreamed’ a game system?

Last night I had a dream that I got a new board game. And I actually both dreamed and remembered it with enough details that I can recall the rules. And it’s a workable game! Normally, you dream, if it’s about a game, the rules would be roll the dice, and stand on your head because you rolled a 3 1/2.  This, on the other hand, could actually be turned into something sensible and playable.

The board is comprised of six large hexagonal boards (themselves divided into hexes). Each of these hexes represent a kingdom, and can be placed anywhere around a central piece which represents an impassible mountain.

Each board had a ‘capital’ city, some outposts and some ruins. At the ruins, there were randomly placed ‘treasure’ cards that gave your hero unit that found it bonuses. (I found a magic sword that gave my hero unit +2|+1 right before my 4|5 Castle garrison got overrun. Each player is given a handful of monster tokens to place around the boards to ‘guard’ locations (they can’t move these like they could their own pieces, and may fight them themselves).

Each unit had an attack rating and a defense rating, which determined how many dice they may roll in combat. For each 5 or 6 rolled, the opposing piece was given a -1 token, which subtracted from the unit’s dice pool. When the unit no longer has defense dice to roll, it is destroyed.

The goal is to control half of the kingdoms. In the case of fewer than 6 players, “neutral” kingdoms get standard garrisons in their towns (ala Risk).

There was some sort of economy for reinforcements and additional units, but I’ll have to extrapolate that from the rest of the rules.

I don’t remember how movement is determined, but I think it was a fixed 3 hexes for heroes.

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