Skitis is another “borderwatch” town on the southern edge of Cirsova, and, like Daaln, it was used by the imperial legions as a base of operation during the Second War of Unification.  Unlike Daaln, however, which was built up for the express purpose of securing the border between Cirsova and Karkuras, Skitis was an older pre-imperial settlement, which was peacefully incorporated during the reign of Orwen Gladus, 4th Emperor of Cirsova.

During the First War of Unification, there may have been a loose confederation between Skitis, Sammish and old Allister, but no written records from that period remains which could confirm or disprove such claims.  There was, however, a pre-imperial road leading northeast from Skitis to Sammish, used by Orwen Akana when he needed to quickly reach Korsha, which was eventually built over and incorporated into the imperial highway system.

Despite never being fully fortified as Daaln was, the people of Skitis, along with the legions stationed there, repulsed a number of incursions by the horsemen from the northern plains of Karkuras, earning a reputation for bravery and honor.  Unfortunately, even today, there is an unease between the people of Skitis and the descendants of those horsemen.  The latter still hold the former with a certain degree of fear, and some hold misguided grudges, which would be better directed toward the lost Kingdom of Sabrio, the primemover of the conflict which displaced them.  While this tension does some to maintain the safety of the wilder border of Karkuras, there are those who fear that the instability present at the underbelly of the heartland province may lead to greater conflict throughout the empire.  While most of the Cirsovan and Karkuran nobility regard these fears as baseless, the more historically minded members of court acknowledge that there are certain issues which may need to be better addressed in the region.

The people of Skitis are proud of their heritage, and despite any handwringing, believe themselves perfectly capable of again rising to the challenge of defending the southern borders of the imperial province.

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