“Our __________ are different”: The Rotting Man

Another idea I had for an undead…  These creatures are similar to revenants but, fit in better with the implied setting of my system.  Imagine unkillable, undead Inigo Montoya bursting into flames and issuing a challenge.


MV: 120’ (40’) AC 3 (or armor) HD 3 AT: 2 By Weapon, 1d4 Burn.

Rotting Men are undead heroes who have the appearance of an eyeless rotting corpse.  Usually, these individuals failed in some very specific and critical task and have been doomed appropriately.  In undeath, Rotting Men have one task or objective that they must carry out for all eternity.

Rotting Men have the appearance of intelligence, are usually honorable and honor bound to the criteria of their tasks and will not interfere unless interfered with.  However, often their task involves guarding a specific place, object or passage, and are known for issuing challenges in single combat for the right to access.

Upon engaging in combat, Rotting Men will burst into flames.  Any successful melee or touch attack by or against a Rotting Man will trigger an attack roll for burn damage.  This attack roll ignores non-magical armor bonuses. 

Rotting Men are Immune to fire.

Rotting Men cannot be killed, however when defeated will honorably yield to the victor and his/her companions.  Any individual attacking a yielded Rotting Man must save vs. Death: if the save is successful, attacker loses half remaining HP; if the save is a failure, attacker is left at 1HP.  The Rotting Man will strike down and chastise the attacker’s lack of decorum.

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