Re: They Thought They Were Free

Recently, Varg Vikernes and his wife were arrested in a violent raid on their country home and were eventually released without having been charged with anything because they hadn’t actually committed any crimes.

Of course, despite this, their house was torn apart, their things more or less ransacked, and their accounts frozen. They’re still recovering from this and trying to pick up the pieces.

This shouldn’t happen to anyone.

Anyway, Varg is considering filing suit against the French police for the damage done to property and for smashing, among other things, his pregnant wife’s face.

If you want to help out, there are a few things you can do. Buy Burzum albums. Buy Forebears (Marie is handling these and doing distro, so I expect this would be the quickest way to help by buying something). Donate directly; Varg’ll have more info up soon.

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