There are small mining communities in the hills and mountains of western Karkuras, as well as countless isolated fishing villages along the Dusksea coast, however, Brebea is the westernmost recognized imperial city in the province.  Brebea is nestled in a well-defended horseshoe in the foothills and is connected to the rest of the Empire by a road to Doan.

Though Brebea was far enough from the Sabrio Valley that the city was not directly threatened by the barbarian kingdom, the city was an integral part of the war against those murderous savages.  The Brebeans supplied additional spears, shields, helmets, axes and blades to the Athdaeldans, who provided a staunch auxiliary to the Cirsovan legions who cleansed the land of Sabrio’s threat.

The mountains of west Karkuras were rich in coal and iron, as well as gold and silver.  For at least five hundred years, Brebea’s mining has been supported by Athdaeldan grain.  Though the hills around Brebea, provided some grazing grounds for sheep and goat herds, the foodstuff sent from Athdaelda had allowed the population of Brebea to remain stable, large, and hard at work at the region’s industry, mining, smelting & refining ores to be exported throughout the empire.  The area immediately around Brebea, however, has stopped producing with the regularity and quality it once had, and the town has been in a steady decline over the last century.  Despite this, the quantity of ores produced in the regions surpasses that from Gatlia, which has quarry camps and scant mines, but no large communities devoted solely to the task of producing and refining.

Ore produced from the more remote mines of the western hill lands is transported to Brebea via the winding mountain trails into the valley to be smelted and worked, but fewer operations are willing to allow the Brebean smelting guilds, who are known to extract exorbitant fee from outside companies, to take their toll on the miner’s bottom line.  Thus, many mining companies have begun to simply sit on their claims, waiting and hoping for the political & economic climate to change.

A number of mining companies have proposed either a large-scale move or to found a wholly new community in a richer area, however these attempts have been rebuffed because they were found either to violate Brebea’s imperial charter or the treaty between the Empire and Athdaeldan Principality.  Thus, no new charters have been granted, and Brebea continues its slide into poverty and ignominy.

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