The port of Corineaus boasts the best harbor on the western coast of the Empire, rivaling even Syflanis.  However, unlike Syflanis, Corineaus lacks the great shipyards for construction (or even repairs) of large ships due to the lack of timber in the region.  This has confounded many captains sailing south along the coast who had been harassed by pirates.  As such, many vessels have taken to carrying an extensive supply of timber in addition to their merchant cargoes.  Despite this disadvantage, Corineaus sees a great deal of traffic as it is the last major port town southward along the western board, as much of the land is either geographically unsuited for any sort of serious port or too inhospitable for inhabitation (the coast winds its way along the wastes and deserts of Paelnor and Ortia, where few journey and even fewer dare live).

Ships often take on large supplies of foodstuff provisions for the long journey to Solaris if they are southbound.  Though there are some quantities of Brebean metals that reach the docks for export, food & steeds (the eastern plains are renown for the excellent horses, many of which are provided in lieu of coin taxation from the loyal horsetribes as tribute) are far and away the most plentiful and valuable commodities produced in Karkuras (a land whose fortunes have somewhat waned in recent times).


Corineaus does see its share of the art and goods of far northern make, though much of this finds its way to the royal houses of Karkuras and lesser imperial noble residents in the south.  These remain idle curiosities for the less provincially minded gentry, however, and are not as highly prized as in the northern provinces.  The average Karkuran native tends to prefer finely wrought and beaten metals to the odd stonework and graven crystals of Polaris.  Other imports tend to include Gatlian quarried stone (for building; many of the older structures in Karkuras are native stone and mortar) and supplies for the legion stationed in Athdaelda.

Like other cities in Karkuras, Corineaus is subject to both the Imperial Agent and the Athdaeldan crown.  There are frequent disagreements between the local, Imperial and Athdaeldan authorities in regards to jurisdiction of law and collection of taxes and tariffs (and the matter of occasional mystery ships).  The question of how to handle piracy and other maritime matters has provoked as much debate as it has inaction.  Since all timber must be brought (usually overland) from the Cirsovan heartlands, the general consensus (to the frustration of locals) is that Gatlia, by way of Syflanis, is far more capable of dealing with such trouble and should, thus, be left to them.

There are a few landmarks of particular note in Corineaus, the first being a lighthouse, old as the city itself, shining brilliantly over the harbor.  Some claim that on truly clear nights, its beacon flames can be seen from the top of Owen.  Another is a small, squat tower on the western edge of town. Made of carefully piled and stacked stones, this structure predates any others in the town (perhaps in all Karkuras).  There is only one portal, a small window (too small for anyone but a child to pass through) roughly 15 feet from the ground.  A large fence has been erected around the tower in effort to discourage the practice of youths throwing stones through the window. Attempting to climb the tower has been a violation of public ordinance since a boy fell to his death while scaling the structure.


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