30 Days of D&D in a single moment!

I’ve failed the 30 day challenge, mostly because I got super busy in another writing project, wholly separate from Cirsova.  I failed it so bad, I forgot to even schedule the posts.  So, without further ado, here’s what would’ve been Cirsova’s 30 Days of D&D.  Please disregard any contradictory information presented here.


Day 1 – How I got Started
I’m doing the D&D for 30 days challenge! Which ultimately means that there are going to be a lot of really short posts for the next 30 days. A lot of these, I don’t know how detailed I can really get (I mean, oh, god, over a week of different classes of favorite monsters?), but at least these won’t interrupt the normal posting schedule. Or maybe I’ll let it. Give Cirsova a break and catch up on encyclopedia entries. Plus, I told Varg I’d do a write up about the Staff Sling in MYFAROG, so I’ve got that on my plate. Oh, my, I have a lot to do!

How I got started? Well, it was kind of a natural outgrowth of my interest in wargames. I played a lot of board games with my dad growing up (the ones with the little fiddly cardboard pieces that you push from hex to hex and roll lots of tiny dice and check several charts). I was also big into turn based computer strategy games, my favorites of which, were “Medieval Lords” (the old dos game, not the newer one) and “Le’emperor” (a Napoleonic war game using the pld R3K engine).

When I finally got a chance to play D&D, I jumped on it. Even though I haven’t always had great experiences with groups, my love of games and game systems has always borne me through.
Day 2 – Favorite Playable Race
With 3rd ed, I always liked playing elves, because that +2 dex is great. But now I’m thinking more about humans. I went through a period where I kind of hated demi-human races in fantasy in general, but I’m finally warming up to them again. I’d like to play a dwarf at some point.

Day 3 – Favorite Playable Class
It used to be magic user, because of all of the potential there, but so few games I’ve played really lasted long enough for me to do what I wanted with the MU class, I’m beginning to think that maybe Cleric or Fighter may be my new favorite.

Day 4 – Favorite Gameworld
This one is really hard, because I’ve so rarely played a pre-made world. I did used to have kind of a hate-on for Mystara because of how stupid Night of the Vampire was.

Day 5 – Favorite Die
I have a clear d20 with clear numbers. It’s really pretty.

Day 6 – Favorite Deity
Time was once I’d’ve said one of the Cthulhu mythos deity, but they’re kind of played out now, aren’t they? I’ll go ahead and cover all bases by saying Brahma.

Day 7 – Favorite Edition
B/X. I’ve played in a game that was a mishmash of D&D, 1st & 2nd ed and some Arcanum thrown in. Also both 3.0 and 3.5. I appreciate B/X’s simplicity and freedom.

Day 8 – Favorite Character I have Played
I played a wild-mage once. Shennanigans.

Day 9 – Favorite Character I haven’t Played
I rolled up a human light cavalryman for a 3.x game that never happened. He was devastating with his spear.

Day 10 – Craziest thing that happened
A member of our party hadn’t finished filling out his character sheet yet and didn’t have a name. We’d just arrived at the Keep on the Borderland. He couldn’t answer what his name was when the gatemen issued their challenge. The DM was an asshole and told us that we were thrown out of the Keep and lost .
Day 11 – Favorite Adventure
This is another tough one, as I really haven’t played any of the pre-made modules, and the ones I have run were kind of disappointing. My favorite adventure wasn’t even a D&D game, so i guess, as far as today’s post goes, I’ve got nothing.

Day 12 – Favorite Dungeon type
I like haunted places. Places that are cursed as all crap and stacked floor to ceiling with ghosts. As such, I tend to like the spooky dungeons, like the Maze of Nuroman.

Day 13 – Favorite Trap/Puzzle
I really like the sealed wraith in Terror in the Gloaming. Kinda damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you break the seals and solve the puzzle, you unleash a plague of undead. If you don’t solve the puzzle yourself, someone else comes along and lets things loose, but you won’t have the weapon that will help most against the wraith.

Day 14 – Favorite NPC
Hiram, the Blacksmith.

Day 15 – Favorite Undead
How about a mummified elven vampire?

Day 16 – Favorite Abberation
What does that even entail? I don’t think they have abberations in B/X. Are mimic’s abberations? I like mimics, especially the one from Rusty & Co.

Day 17 – Favorite Animal
Lemurs. I don’t care if they’re not statted anywhere. You have small mischievous primates that are like a cross between a cat & a dog, oink like a pig, scream like nobody’s business and are thought to house the souls of the damned. Plus, they are cute & fluffy!

Day 18 – Favorite Immortal/Outsider
Connor McLeod/Pony Boy .

Day 19 – Favorite Elemental
Fire elemental, duh.

Day 20 – Favorite Humanoid
I’m really partial to goblins.

Day 21 – Favorite Dragon
Standard red.

Day 22 – Favorite Monster overall
Undead displacer beasts.

Day 23 – Least Favorite Monster

Day 24 – Favorite Energy Type
Potential. You don’t even have to leave the couch!

Day 25 – Favorite Magic item
+5 Staff Sling

Day 26 – Favorite Non-magic item
The bar of soap.

Day 27 – A character I want to play in the future
A staff slinger.

Day 28 – A character I never want to play again
A low level utility mage.

Day 29 – What number do I always seem to roll on a d20?
Whichever number I feel like, if I’m using my clear d20. JK, JK…

Day 30 – Best DM I’ve had
The text parser from Zork.

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