So, I have an Adventure Published and in Print

Just not how I thought it would be.

I know that Revelry at Pickett’s Castle is under Creative Commons license, so I have no problem with this in practice, though I’d really have liked to have been notified about it.  I’d have even probably promoted it enthusiastically.  Those who are mad aren’t mad because it’s out, but because it was kind of sprung on them.  While I do believe that it’s not being done for-profit, I’d rather it be Alex himself rather than a 3rd party or that there had been more discussion and openness about the intention for a 3rd party print edition beforehand.  Now, if people REALLY want to, I guess entrants could say that turn about’s fair play and publish their own competing editions, so that every entrant is basically a referrer-affiliate who gets paid for the copies purchased that they themselves put out, but that would be madness.

Like I said, it’s like those scam poetry contents where a company accepts every submission and then goes back and sells coffee table collections back to the people who wrote the poems so they could see them in print.  I know, from an intellectual perspective, that this is far less egregious and malign, but, from an emotional perspective, I can see why a lot of people are really miffed about this.

5 responses to “So, I have an Adventure Published and in Print

    • I know. Since I’m so bad at following through and actually publishing the stuff I write, it totally works out for me! “Yeah, when I get around to posting OGL text somewhere, I might slap it up on DriveThru… Maybe.”

      I think I might toss out finishing the bestiary and pretend that my quasi-holmes clone is for NaGaDeMon. Cuz, y’know, I’m all “Awww, man, copying stat blocks is tedious and boring!” I’ll leave my unique undead as “suggestions” but folks can use somebody else’s orcs & stuff.

  1. Maybe we should form some kind of publishing pact. Like, “hey, I’m working on this thing!” “I see, did you finish it?” “Yeah, but I don’t think it’s very good.” “Shut up and publish that shit.” “Dang, you’re right.” “That’s what this publishing pact is all about.” “Lol, you’re totally right.”

    The end.

    Dang, that’s a great story. I should publish it. 😉


    • heh. That’s one idea. I’m in the middle of something which I’m writing more as therapy than anything else, so if I published it at all, it would be under a pseudonym, but if I can get through all that, I’ll probably use the momentum to keep writing in the long format.

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