A Non-gaming Rant about the Healthcare Law

Every now and then, I feel the need to rant about healthcare and politics, since that’s directly pertaining to the industry I’m in. Now that Obamacare has turned into the full fledged disaster that everyone said it would be (and were shouted down as racist), the very people who were ready to die for the legislation are now admitting that it is broken and “Well, maybe people SHOULD be able to keep their healthcare the way the president promised.”

Herein lies the problem. If you lost your insurance, it’s because it’s gone, and nothing any demagogues claim they can do is going to bring it back. They can’t magically change something in the law so to bring those policies back, unless they repeal the entire thing, because by the very nature and contents of the law, your plan that you lost was made illegal.

That’s right. Illegal. You couldn’t keep your healthcare, because it was criminalized by the law, outlawed by the regime. You had an outlaw plan, and no insurance company is going to offer an outlaw plan. It would be criminal for them to sell a 29 year old man a healthcare plan that didn’t include maternity and end of life hospice coverage. Purchasing that plan would be against the law. Your choice in what health services you wanted covered has been criminalized. You should be ashamed for wanting one of those illegal, criminal, outlaw health plans!

Of course the way the law is currently being implemented is criminal, as well, because what is going into effect and how it is being rolled out and implemented has been entirely contrary to the law itself. The very people who foisted this law upon us have been breaking it practically from day one. From the first union waiver to the delay of the Employer Mandate, the regime has been acting in criminal violation of the very law that they claimed would save the world, violating the separation of powers and legislating from the executive branch. But hey, we live in a banana republic now, so it’s pretty much what is to be expected.

2 responses to “A Non-gaming Rant about the Healthcare Law

  1. I remember arguing this with the sort of people that were posting “I *love* paying my taxes” a few years ago. They wanted this in the name of social justice. They wanted something for nothing. But if they had an ounce of generosity in their hearts at all, it was a generosity with other peoples money and not their own.

    When I told them that paying for everyone’s preexisting conditions was charity, not insurance… they scoffed. I just didn’t get it. I had no compassion. When I asked them where the money to pay for all this was going to come from, I got no answer.


    • Yeah. Personally, I’m of the radical Walter Williams school of thought that all tax is theft by consensus, is the invention of kings and tyrants and all public works are merely mechanisms by which kings may more effectively perpetuate their tyranny in the name of ‘public good’, but I guess in some ways that baseline position makes me just as hard to take seriously when it comes to public policy discussions.

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