Healthcare update! This is What the Government Thinks of Women!

This lady simply cannot WAIT to get sexed up by this hella skeezy looking dude!


Susie, I hope for your sake that PPACA includes a mandate for regret insurance.

No, this is not a parody. This is a real advert for Obamacare.

This is what our society has become in the age of Obama. And conservatives and anti-statists are the ones waging a war on women? You mean those of us who don’t think that getting some and not getting pregnant is the ONLY thing that women care about? Women, you are being condescended to, and if you don’t find this attitude towards you offensive and disgusting, I really don’t know what to think anymore!

Now, this isn’t from the national exchange, but rather the one in Colorado. But don’t forget that Colorado is one of those states whose state government that is so far left that it is currently in the midst of a secession movement… I can’t wait for these ads to somehow be Ted Cruz or Rand Paul’s fault.

7 responses to “Healthcare update! This is What the Government Thinks of Women!

      • His pose is awkward. He looks like he has his hand down the front of his pants… but that’s also part of the genius of the composition. You keep staring to see if he really is… no, that’s his pocket.

        Then you’ve been staring at the picture a couple seconds and you maybe started reading the text. It’s interesting that while he definitely hits a lot of “hotness” points, she’s kind of plain-looking. Skinny, but plain.

        The picture plays well to the text, “let’s hope he’s as easy to get…”

        Ah, advertising.


      • If you check out the actual Colorado site, they have a veritable treasure trove of incredibly awkward and bizarrely posed stock photos. Really, if this weren’t all pertaining to something so terrible, it would be a lot easier to laugh at how awful they are. One of my favorites is the kid carving a pumpkin about to cut his thumb off, with the dude-bro doing a keg-stand at number two.

  1. You’d think we’d have seen the writing on the wall when people were dressing up like vaginas during the last campaign. Meanwhile, anyone that points out the absurdity of all this will be accused of “hating women”– which is, evidently, all that is needed to shut down a conversation anymore.

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