30 Days of Exalted Challenge Day 30- Is Exalted a what you get when you build a game entirely made of splatbooks?

Sure seems like it! Then again, that’s really White Wolf’s modus operandi, isn’t it? At least the first Vampire game was self-contained enough that it could be played with one book. While you can play Vampire with only vampires, it’s hard to imagine playing Exalted with ONLY Solars. Their main opponents are going to be Dragonbloods and Abyssals, whose books came out some time after the core game (if core it may be called) was released. Imagine if the first D&D book was the Complete Fighters’ Handbook. Followed by the Wilderness Survival Guide. Followed by the Tome of Magic. And then after a nearly a year, you finally get a monster manual, but it’s only A-K, and L-Z isn’t going to come out for another year.


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