More 3.5e Gestalt Character Creation

So, there is some worry that my character will not be powerful enough! :O

Rolling up characters was a pretty interesting experience. So far, we have a Bedouin mystic holy knight*, a ninja of sorts, someone who’s going to be an archer/skirmisher, myself who’s going to be a skirmisher and one other person, whose class combo I forget. Since I had most of my guy already rolled up, a lot of my character creation involved defending my build choice as a ‘proof-of-concept’ character, warily going over some splat-book classes to pick over rogue (scout, for instance, but that was the one I was most likely to choose; I can’t really remember some of the others) before opting not to play as something that I’d need to constantly refer to a book that I don’t own to use my various combat abilities. With some help, I DID swap out some feats, partly because we were using a compressed Skill List from 4e and partly because my understanding of the finer points of 3e combat at high levels is nonexistent (I’ve never played at so high a level that ANYONE got more than one attack per round without a class ability), so I have a guy who can run, shoot, run some more or shoot a lot and still move. So yay for that.

I was happy that I wasn’t the only person who was put-off by some of the fiddly elements. One of the older guys was kind of shocked at the complexity of some of the options available to him and ultimately opted for something that he knew he could play. I can relate. It’s not that I want to play as something that isn’t optimized; as a player who isn’t particularly experienced with splatbook classes, I want to play as something that won’t slow the game down. I feel like doing otherwise would be rude to my fellow players.

*:This is more the concept, I have no idea what the actual classes were; it was a gestalt of some kind of cleric with sorcerer style casting and a spell-less Paladin-type. His holy mount is a camel, which is pretty awesome, IMHO.


2 responses to “More 3.5e Gestalt Character Creation

  1. I already commented on the concept post, so I’m just thinking out loud here.

    I find when I’m playing 3e, regardless of game type, that I start with one of more prestige classes that interest me and build toward them.

    Often enough I include one or more of the “tier 0/1” classes (artificer, cleric, druid, wizard). Not because I want to break the game per se, but to help make up the difference in whatever our group is lacking.

    Often enough I’ve found that players play what they want to the detriment of the party, and I like a game that goes beyond the first session… Sometimes even a CoDzilla isn’t enough, but it usually doesn’t hurt your chances.

    Might just be me though. 🙂


    • Well, at level 12, it’s kind of like “Choose what King you’re playing.”

      It would be a massively different story if we were starting at lower levels, I think. If we were doing a level 1 gestalt, i’d probably play as some sort of cleric/rogue or sorcerer/rogue. Also, a gestalt build might make playing a utility mage feasible. I’ve never felt so smug as the time a fighter fell in a pit trap and my level 1 wizard saved him by casting Feather Fall.

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