Some New Stuff on the Voynich Manuscript

Imagine if the Codex Seraphinianus were not a coffee table art piece created in recent memory, but a unique singular work almost certainly dating back to the early 15th century.  That’s kind of what we have with the Voynich Manuscript, a collection of odd botanical illustrations and over 200 pages of indecipherable script.  It’s boggled the minds of code experts, linguists and historians for centuries.  So it’s always interesting when some news comes out about it offering new theories to possibly shed light on one of the world’s strangest books.

Thanks to Ellis Nelson for pointing this out.  I haven’t had a chance to look at the report or read the book yet, but at least the report, which is free and can be found here on the author’s site, is on my reading list.  If Stephen Bax is right, he may soon be on his way to earning his first of 30 points required to join the mages’ guild.


Note: The Voynich Manuscript can be viewed/downloaded in its entirety here.

3 responses to “Some New Stuff on the Voynich Manuscript

  1. Lol, I find it funny that the Voynich Manuscript is among the ancient books to be deciphered in Elona, given that half or more of the others are direct references to the Cthulhu Mythos. xD


    • It’s also the only one that’s a real book, along with the Golden Bough (assuming it’s referring to either the Aeneid or the comparative religion book). Kind of ironic that it’s the ‘easiest’ to translate.

      As for Bax’s discovery, I’m extra happy that it’s a significant blow against ‘ancient aliens’ hypotheses on its origins.

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