Colossal Equipment and the Castle of Otranto

There are not enough roles for colossal sized weaponry and equipment in D&D. I need to find ways to work Castle of Otranto into a game somehow. For those unfamiliar, Castle of Otranto is an early Gothic Romance in which an evil prince and his family are under the curse of a castle’s rightful owner. The first rather unsubtle foreshadowing of this family’s doom is a colossal helmet which falls from the sky, crushing the son of the evil prince who was to be married that day. The evil prince goes completely mad, and hatches a cockamamey scheme whose cockamamousity serves to illustrate his evil madness: the castle is his so long as he has a male heir to pass it to; his son was about to marry the daughter of the last living relative with a direct claim to castle; all he has to do is divorce his wife and marry the princess who would have been his daughter-in-law, had not the Helm of Alfonso the Good dealt his son 100d6 crushing damage on the day of his wedding. The evil prince Manfred’s scheme is thwarted when the princess is having none of his shennanigans and escapes with the help of a peasant lad. To exacerbate things, the princess’s family shows up the next day to reclaim her, carrying in their retinue a giant sword that takes 100 men to carry. All this is part of a weird prophecy about the castle’s rightful own returning when he is grown large enough to fill it. The short version is the peasant is the long-lost grandson of Alfonso the Good, Manfred kills his daughter that the peasant had fallen in love with (which also ironically foils his plan to save the castle from destruction by uniting his house with the rightful owners by marriage) because thinks she was the princess who was running from them, and the ghost of Alfonso knocks the castle over and acknowledges the peasant as his heir.

I have a few ideas of what I can do with this, but it will definitely be an ‘end-game’ scenario. Probably leading to the ultimate destruction of the ‘home base’ of the characters, through the fault of either its lord or the heroes’ patron. It will probably come out of left field. Ooh, yes! I just figured out how to work it in! Mwahahahaha!

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