New Monster – Several Cat

Name: Several Cat (Not to be confused with Serval Cat)
Size: Small
Hit Dice: 2**
Movement: 160′(40′)
AC: 5
Att: 3 bite/2claw 1d2/1/1
Morale: 8
Saves as: F6
Treasure Type: Nil*
Alignment: Chaotic

The Several Cat is a thought to be a distant cousin of the much larger and fiercer displacer beast, though others speculate that these strange creatures began as a magician’s experiment gone horribly awry.  While they have the appearance of normal cats, each Several Cat exists unstuck in time and place, appearing in multiple places at once, causing untold mischief and destruction. They have a fondness for knocking over and breaking valuables. Many an alchemist has thought to have successfully shooed the beast breaking plates in his kitchen from his home only find his expensive glass still lying smashed on the floor elsewhere moments later.

A Several Cat will rarely engage in combat, fleeing when encountering anything larger than itself, however they delight in creating a distraction in one place while wreaking havoc in another.

Whenever any successful attack does damage to a Several Cat, the Several Cat will appear to die, though the corpse will vanish the moment that it is no longer observed. Despite the tales of such creatures literally having nine lives, less scrupulous magicians have determined that some Several Cats might only recover from as few as two such dispatchings in this manner.

*Treasure: Occasionally, a Several Cat might collect a stash of toys and magic items, though often they are so broken and mangled they are only worth the material they are made of.


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