The First Draft of City at the Top of the World is Almost Finished!

So, if I work at breakneck pace, writing at between 2500 and 3000 words a day, it takes me just over a week to write a CYOA of modest length. But this might just be special case of mania seizing me and barfing a story into word as quickly as possible. Who knows?

Anyway, I’m almost done with the story; I only have maybe a half dozen or so nodes left to write, and already have about 30 nodes written, including 9 endings (there will be at least two more).

Though this is kind of a dark story, I promise that it will not be so bad as Daredevil Park, which had a dozen endings, all of them bad.*

I might be hitting a few people up soon to be beta readers. I have a couple people in mind right now, but if I need more, I might open it up to those who ask nicely in a week or so.  Even with the story written, I’ll have to format it, change the node names to numbers and try to link them, and that will take some time.

Anyway, in a few hours, we’ll find out if the heroes of Alfheim can stop the Necromancers of Stull and if the latecomers (players who weren’t there two weeks ago and did NOT go charging off into the dungeon straight away) can stop the zombies from tearing down the old saw mill.

*:The best ending was the park got closed forever; the worst ending you stayed back at your hotel room to play video games in the bathtub and your console falls in and kills you.


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