Tonight in Alfheim

Where will the story go?

Things have settled down in Stull for the moment, but there is still plenty to be done and adventure to be had.  The heroes might stick around for a bit, help pick up the pieces of the damaged town, scribe some scrolls, or brew some potions.  The elf has a new spellbook.  But the longer they stick around, the more likely they are to discover the true nature of the elfstones.

Up north, a goblin war is brewing.  One tribe has failed to dislodge the inhabitants of the old Fortress, and the winners are going to press their advantage.  The news of trouble in the colony has spread like wildfire among the tribes; it sounds as though whatever disaster is impending, it could very well drive the imperials from Alfheim (if it doesn’t bring a legion from across the sea to investigate!) which would leave it to the greenskins to fight for supremacy.

Richmond’s solicitor awaits in Alfort with paychecks for the lord’s employees.  News that the saw mill has been badly damaged will surely put a crimp into plans for building the harbor and shipyard in the delta.  But Richmond eagerly awaits the elfstones, which may further his ultimate goals.  Should anything happen to the stones from Stull, he has other options to the west and north.  If the party can’t be trusted to deliver, he may need to hire some new hands.

Gernauch is still under the shadow of the Loess, but neither the party nor Caelden seem to have shown any interest in the sleepy hamlet.

Revelations that not one but two elven cities once stood along the road between Alfort and Portsdam should spark the party’s interest.

Tonight, the heroes will:
-Finish Up in Stull
-Maybe fight the goblins who’ve established a stronghold on the island fort.
-Probably go back to Alfort for their payday and maybe
–Hear about the orc tribe that is harassing caravans
–Hear about the giant ruined elf city of Malek.

If they visit Essel, he’ll reveal the locations of several of the ruined elven cities in the regions, as well as some information about them.

I’m not sure what direction the party will take, but I’ve tried to cover my bases and be prepared for anything!

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