Shadow Over Alfheim Pt7 – Interlude

There was a respite in the action in our last session. A lot of story-related stuff needed to be handled as did some in town resource management.

The cleric fired off a letter to Lord Richmond, which would be taken by one of the refugees from Stull, informing him of the situation. Ironically, the party may overtake this letter.

With little to do in Stull but pick up the pieces, the party decided to return to Alfort and figure out what to do with the Elfstones. In regards to their ill-fated agreement with the saw-mill, Mayor Barclay handed them a letter to be taken to the Laquin home office in Portsdam explaining the terms he had agreed upon. The agreement will almost certainly be rejected by the home office, especially since the deal was for the party to save the mill, which will now have to be rebuilt at great expense.

After hearing a rumor from goblin scouts of brewing war among the northern tribes, the party took a couple barges and floated down the river back to Alfort. After two days, they arrived to find the heads of 9 goblins and 5 orcs posted on spears along the shores of the isle.

Back in town, the Cleric got a note from Richmond’s solicitor, who has arrived in Alfort. The solicitor offered the new information he had regarding elven ruins in the region, including a very large city which was once along the road between Alfort and Portsdam. The party was originally reluctant to hand over the elfstones, as they did not know their purpose. Upon finding the value of the stones, the party nearly crapped themselves, but rather than handing them over, they elected to deliver them to Lord Richmond in person.

This is an interesting twist; I was wondering if and when they’d consider why they were turning in items in Alfort if the only route to Portsdam was overland through territory that was becoming less safe. Of course nothing is being delivered to the Imperial University and forgeries are being used to manipulate the party in to believing the correspondence between the museum curators and nobility.

The party has set out to hand deliver a pair of artifacts they’ve been told are worth 100,000 gold. The evil thief and the monk have both signed up to be agents of Lord Richmond. Soon, they’ll find themselves caught in the middle of a goblin war and delving an ancient elven labyrinth filled with animals made twisted and gigantic by cruel elvish magic.

7 responses to “Shadow Over Alfheim Pt7 – Interlude

    • They’ve been reminded more than once that the elfstones are incredibly fragile and don’t travel well. I’m debating on whether or not they’ll break when they’re ambushed by goblin raiders next session. Hahahaha! Even though the elfstones breaking would probably be a good thing for the world (what the party DOESN’T know is that the artifacts they’ve found and are delivering creates undead on an almost daily basis and allows the bearer to control up to 100 HD of undead each; if they’d stuck around in any place for more than a day, they’d have noticed that they were being followed by a strangely docile zombie or two.).

  1. I swear we talked about Dungeon Keeper somewhere in my blog’s comments but I cannot for the life of me find it. I wanted to mention that I finally played through the first three scenarios with my wife.

    We picked up Dungeon Keeper Gold on and I have to say, the game is really daunting at first. I started to realize the traits it had in common with Dwarf Fortress after the first level…

    …I have to say I really like not having to micromanage units for the most part. I’m content with setting work orders and occasionally dropping them into the training room (in the early levels, at least) and letting them maul whatever comes at my dungeon heart. I’m sure it gets more complex later, but this is almost relaxing.

    In the third scenario, I tended to dig out slightly more than I needed and allowed my imps time to reinforce the walls so that when the heroes started coming, they tunneled all the way around my dungeon. I made one minor new dig in a wall — leading to my training room — sat back, and enjoyed the massacre. >:D


    • It really is about effective dungeon design, making use of the space you’re given, the resources at your disposal and any natural obstacles in the environment.

      The more efficiently laid out your dungeon is, the quicker your monsters will respond to threats. One normally doesn’t need to micromanage monsters, and the quickest solution to any overwhelming problem is scooping up a handful of bile demons and with the Hand-of-Evil and dropping them wherever they’re needed.

      • My major nitpick is the heroes tunneling to reach your dungeon. There’s something very alien about it to me, which I’m having trouble reconciling. I get heroes breaking down doors and walls, but straight-up tunneling is weird to me.

        I honestly haven’t thought of an effective alternative, so I can’t really call it a problem. It works… it really does. It’s just WEIRD to me.


      • Only one of the hero types can tunnel, I believe (either a dwarf or halfling or something). While kind of ridiculous, it ultimately works within the mechanic; I like to think of it as an homage to the players who overcame the tomb of horrors by hiring a team of dwarven sappers and engineers who excavated the whole place, disassembled everything, sold off everything that wasn’t nailed down and pried up everything that was.

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