Update on City at the Top of the World and Shadow Over Alfheim.

Editing progress on City at the Top of the World is going slower than expected. I’ve been absolutely swamped with other things the last couple of weeks, so the time I’ve had to devote to it has been less than I’d like. I’m still telling myself that I’m on the schedule I set for myself, but that’s little consolation when I remember all of the other non-musical creative projects I’ve abandoned mid-stream (the Morilithic Saga, Veliki, HALLS, Towers of Dream, and, to a lesser extent, the Encyclopedia of the Cirsova Empire).

Well, CttTotW is not mid-stream; it’s on the bank on the other side of the river. Now it’s more a matter of dragging it up the rocks or kicking it back into the water.

I’ve already gotten some very helpful feedback which will shape a little of how I edit the book, a lot of how I market the book (or to whom), and a lot of how I will write the sequel.

After a lot of internal debate, I’ve decided almost certainly that I won’t be adding more ‘kickass’ options and actiony choice trees to the story. I’ve decided that the sense and feel of the story would be eroded by by their addition. It’s not Your adventure, but the character’s adventure. I also wanted it to read and flow a bit more like a traditional piece of short fiction, so for fans of the older 1-2 paragraph nodes and over a hundred choices to be made, the choices might feel a bit sparse, though for people who’ve read Nintendo’s Mario and Legend of Zelda adventure books, which were broken into chapters (1-4 page nodes ending with the choices), it might not seem overly long.

One of the big post-editing challenges I’m going to face will be distribution.  I’ll definitely want to be on Amazon in some capacity, DriveThru Fiction, and maybe even have some print on demand.  The trick is going to be finding a platform that gives me optimal coverage, some flexibility, and isn’t so hard to format that I have to cross design for each outlet.

As for the second book, I’ve already got a few ideas for it. Dither has suggested an intro to Cirsova from a “Fighter” class, which dovetails perfectly with some of the suggestions I’ve had for more action oriented stories. The second planned book will take place in ‘modern’ Cirsova, in Gatlia, and will follow the adventure of a young man from Altiers. Right now, I’m trying to figure out the scale and scope. There is SO much going on and to do in Gatlia & Ungoza, I’d probably do the setting an injustice to try to cram it into a single book. Or I’d end up with an incredibly long book. I’ll probably test the waters and find out from people who’ve actually read the blog’s earliest posts (if such people exist) what aspects of the northern provinces interest them most.

As for Shadow over Alfheim, we pushed the session back to this friday; we were going to miss too many people, and they would’ve been coming up on a mega-dungeon (the Nameless Dungeon from the Morganfort module, which has been repurposed as the underground ruin of an elven metropolis), and you definitely don’t want people to miss out on goblin ambushes, giant insects, a megadungeon, and the possible loss of artifacts with a quoted value of 100k monies!


2 responses to “Update on City at the Top of the World and Shadow Over Alfheim.

    • “To Join the Imperial Legion, turn to page 88”

      “The Imperial legion has grown lax since the unification of the Empire; with no external existential threats to Cirsova’s sphere of influence, the Legion had become a pale shade of its former self, and in the months following your enlistment, so have you.

      The End.”

      heehee. Really, I only see one major area to explore that would feature the protagonist becoming a proper soldier, though working for the barons to clean up banditry along the roads between Syflanis and Pelliora. Probably in the next bit, I’ll do a broken down list of “adventure hooks”* for the northern region, but the short list consists of Pirates, Bandits, Trade, and Political intrigue. Also, at some point, a protagonist needs to fight an Ice Bear while he’s in Norigon.

      I might go back and write one that takes place during the 1st war of unification, though, from the perspective of one of Ga Akana’s soldiers, focusing around the battle for control of the central river valley.

      *Basically, i’ll be writing CYOAs that cover the scenarios I’d planned for back when I was expecting to use Cirsova as a D&D setting.

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