5 responses to “Cirsova is Two Years Old!

    • Christmas 2014, with any luck! I got a copy from Lulu (not thoroughly edited yet) to see what it would look like, and it turned out nice looking enough, though rather thin at the 88 pages or a 6×9 format. I’m still looking into what options would give me the best coverage for publication, but I certainly want to finish editing it before I look in earnest.

      • Thanks! Like I said, I feel like I found the one good picture from Selfpubbookcovers.com and bought it ages ago, because as I mentioned before, BOOK COVERS ARE HARD D:

      • Also, because I had a coupon code for discounts on Lulu, I finally got around to buying the sequel to Drasmyr, and I totally called it: my girlfriend totally made fun of the cover. It looks like it would be a ‘paranormal romance’, even though it is totally an old-school D&D influenced horror fantasy.

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