City at the Top of the World – Preview

Aeryn’s stomach turned and knotted as her room shook.  Nearly a week had passed since she had been taken by those strange pale men and placed upon the sky sail, but she still found herself unadjusted to the traumatic and unnatural sensations of flight.  No one who was taken by the slavers of the north was ever seen again…


5 responses to “City at the Top of the World – Preview

    • Thanks! I was going to send you and everyone who beta-read an updated pdf of the for-print version, but instead I’m just making the eBook free for the next 5 days starting tomorrow and was going to tell everyone involved. So, I’m letting you know now, instead of tomorrow.

      While I didn’t end up adding extra paths, I did do some tone edits & such on your suggestions. A lot of what both you and Random Wizard noted are going to be incorporated more heavily in the second book, which I’ve just started.

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