Sometimes I really enjoy Go Make Me a Sandwich, but this is the most hilariously off-base take on gamergate I’ve seen, and I can’t help but facepalm at how much it misses the point entirely.

Sure, gamergate could be this bizarre straw-man Spanish inquisition style non-sense.  Or maybe non-white, non-male and genderqueer people who play video games are tired of being constantly shit on by game journalists and being called mouthbreathing shitlords and called straight and white (which is pretty strange to be using as an insult, but whatever) just because there are some internet troll asshats.  No one really believes anyone is trying to take games away from anyone.  They’re just tired of being called shitty people and the guilt-by-association that anyone who plays video games are contemptible because of trolls or that because bad and contemptible things exist in some games all people who play any games are shit.  It would be like if every time I wanted to look up reviews of native Cuban recipes, the person describing the red beans & rice dish is taking every opportunity to call me a filthy wet-back spic.  It would be like saying that anyone who watches movies is a shit person because Lars Von Triers exists.

Really, the whole situation is more akin to why no one outside of like-minded ideologues and apparatchiks watches CNN or MSNBC anymore: people woke and realized that they’re full of hacks who have nothing but contempt for their audience and a disgusting inability to approach subject matters objectively.  Just as people sought out and made alternative media a hugely popular and successful place for politics, the same thing is happening to game journalism, and like non-game journalism, the response has been shrieking, name-calling and a general wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I’ll leave you with this musing from philosoraptor.3128685

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