Tonight in Alfheim

Tonight, the intrepid adventurers will continue plumbing the depths of Marek in search of the lost library of Caelden. Hopefully, they will find it. And bring it to Caelden. I also hope the party finds some more treasure. XP for the last two sessions has been a bit on the sparse side, and I’d really like everyone up a level or three before they have their showdown with the high priest at Caelden’s tomb.

Problematic is the rush that I’ve felt pressured by one of my players as well as myself (who wants to be on the other side of the screen). Alfheim is a bit of a slow burn. I’ve established that the elves were horrible and terrible and evil. I’ve established that there are undead beginning to rise up throughout the land. I’ve established that the movements of Caelden’s agents and the undead have moved other groups, namely the goblin tribes, into action. What I haven’t been able to establish is the feeling and overall effect of things progressively getting worse. Had I felt as if I had more time to run more of the mini-dungeons planned, I would have more opportunity to show the slide as the realm became more and more under the grasp of Caelden’s undead, pressing inhabitants toward the coast. As it is, progress on the smokescreen harbor construction arc has just begun. My original plan was to use that as the event that brought the vampire lord to their base and unleash a slow plague of undeath and sickness as the vampire fed while the heroes brought him the tools he needed to take over region.

Will I be throwing it out the window? I don’t know, I guess I’ll see based on what the rest of my players want.


In the meantime, if you haven’t heard from me in awhile, check your Akismet filters; I think I’ve been flagged as spam.  I haven’t stopped reading your blog, I just can’t comment on them.


3 responses to “Tonight in Alfheim

    • Thanks! It might. I’ve done some support mucking about with Akismet. Apparently it’s a not-too-uncommon occurrence, partly because Akismet is designed to catch almost reasonably human-sounding spam comments, like “This is a great post full of very valid information pertaining to a subject which I find fascinating!” (and hopefully mentioning this won’t trip it off again.)

      • Today I arranged four “character sheets” in a rectangle:
        – Character (PC/NPC) sheet
        – Faction/settlement sheet
        – Plot/rumor sheet
        – Dungeon sheet

        There’s loads left to do, but I’m reminded that 1e D&D didn’t really give you much more than stats and implications. I might have to grit my teeth and push my game out rather than refining everything.

        – Characters have a combat minigame (and rituals! and magic items! and level advancement!).
        – Factions have an economy minigame (still in the works).
        – Plots have a travel minigame (still in the works).
        – Dungeons have the traditional “crawl” minigame.

        I almost made a joke about how the system simulates the Hero’s Journey, but then I thought better of it. :p


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