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After Almost Two Years, MYFAROG Will Finally Be Out!

I’m pretty stoked about finally getting to read the full version and checking out that map.  My only concern will be getting people to run it with.  Once my B/X game is over, I’ll see if I can wrangle some people to try it out.  I’ll probably run a stripped down version of it, since most of my players have enthusiastically embraced the simplicity of B/X (the older member of my who had played it before has mentioned that B/X is about the crunchiest system he’ll still play these days).

Most of what I want to do is experiment with the setting and the roles.  I could see something like Altars & Archetypes being welded to the class system in MYFAROG; instead of allowing players to just make up whatever Archetype they want, they’d use some of the many roles available  in MYFAROG.  I’m probably going to do some tinkering with it; even if the degree of crunch involved in the system isn’t to everyone’s tastes, I don’t see why the setting can’t be adapted in such a way that it’s a useful sourcebook no matter what your preferred system is.

While MYFAROG’s system is inextricable from its setting, I really think that it’s a setting that could be extracted and used with any system.  Well, that may not be entirely true.  The superheroism of most non-basic editions of D&D wouldn’t really jibe with the gritty hard-fantasy feel where any brave soul can be mercilessly torn apart by an ettin at any moment, should he be caught unprepared in the wild.  For instance, if I were to translate the introductory module to something like Holmes, I’d probably fudge all monster hit dice and make them unkillable outside of some really clever strategy and roleplaying.  I don’t know.  I’ll be sure to report back on what I come up with once I get the full version.

Edit note: The buy link isn’t up on the site yet; when it is, I’ll throw it up here.

Slate Weighs in on How to End Gamergate

This article is so crazy-go-nuts it’s hard to make heads or tails of. Has Slate crossed the threshold of Poe’s law?

Slate manages to accidentally point out that the majority of gamergaters are actually moderate!

The article even admits that the follow hasn’t worked:

Hyperbolic comparisons of Gamergate to ISIS, the KKK, fascists, terrorists, Ebola, child pornography, etc., etc.
Endless ridicule and antagonism of Gamergaters on Twitter.
Convenient erasure of Gamergate’s many female, LGBTQ, and minority members, however wrong they may be.
Telling Intel and others they are misogynist cowards when they pull advertising.
Hauling out celebrities to condemn Gamergate and telling them their heroes hate them.
Threatening to blacklist Gamergate members from the gaming industry.
Wishful-thinking pieces like “So Long, Gamergate.”
Fire-and-brimstone sermons like “Stop supporting Gamergate.”
Shutting all gamers (not just Gamergate members) out of media discourse.
The old “video games cause violence” canard, unproven as ever.
Defective quantitative analysis.
Defective social science.
Obtuse social theorizing.

They also mentioned that Joss Whedon KKK thing that I shared last week.

That’s all stuff that the anti-Gamergate side has done. Is Slate actually trying to brainstorm out in the open on how to stop gamergate by pointing out how awful anti-Gamergater have been?

This is by far one of the most bizarre articles I’ve read on Gamergate, and I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.