Geordie Tait: A Man In His Own Words

I know I updated the original post, but I really think that this deserves a post of its own.

Geordie Tait went on King of Pol’s stream and doubled down, entirely straight-faced and without hyperbole, on advocating genocide against groups with whom he disagrees.

You can listen to the interview here, though you might want to fast forward a bit to where he joins Pol on the stream.!/embedvideo/316600

I’m really glad that I had stopped playing and buying Magic: the Gathering cards before this guy would’ve been profiting from my purchases.

Update: over the course of the day, I’ve finally managed to finish listening to everything in the interview, and I must say, this is the most frightening thing I’ve seen in all of gamergate.  I agree with Sargon: this hardline stance and attitude perfectly illustrates how things like the Holocaust can happen.  The thorough and complete dehumanization of a group of people, placing said group on the opposite end of not just an ideological spectrum, but a moral spectrum, then advocating for the elimination of said group can be completely justified within this frame of mind.

I do NOT think that Geordie Tait is representative of all people who are anti-gamergate; some people who are anti-gamergate may just be misinformed or simply just don’t care (though most who don’t care tend to be neutral on the subject) rather than be ideologues or corrupt individuals, Geordie Tait, on the other hand, is not just an ideologue academician or journalist or whatever. He is an incredibly dangerous and possibly sociopathic individual who should probably be avoided at all cost.  I do not, however, advocate silencing or censoring Geordie Tait: I’m reminded of how the Tale of Heike described the actions of Tairo no Ason Kiyomori against Buddhism, in that his crimes against the religion made it stronger because he could be a shining example of the world of how not to behave, a reverse mirror image of what that which he opposes stands for*.

* Edit 2: When I mentioned this, I had no idea someone had created a “joke” twitter account of a mirror universe “nega Geordie” who advocates Buddhism.  Coincidence?  The Buddha works in mysterious ways.  (And no, I’m not “Nega Geordie”, nor am I on twitter, nor do I really think it’s a good idea, even though it is kinda funny…)

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