Geordie Tait Interview Transcribed – Pt 1

Disclaimer: I am offering, without commentary, the transcript of the Geordie Tait interview as a service to the Gamergate community and is not intended for commercial use.  As it is rather long, I will be posting it in installments.  I have faithfully transcribed the conversation to the best of my abilities and will attempt to complete the transcription so that the information is available in a timely manner.  The opinions and statements made by individuals within reflect their own opinions and ideas and are not reflective of Cirsova or any other individuals.  The transcription begins with Geordie Tait’s arrival on the stream and will end shortly after his departure.  The full audio interview can be found here.

KOP: Alright guys, so I’m back here, I know it’s early, so a lot of people are probably working; it is a work day.  So, we’re going to get Geordie Tait in here and I’m going to call him now and we’re going to discuss some of the things.  Hey, what’s up buddy, you there?

Geordie Tait: Yep, how’s my voice?

KOP: I think you sound pretty good, I think Chat can hear you pretty good.  How are you doing this morning?

GT: Well, I’ve been awake for a long time, but so have you, so I think we’re even.

KOP: Yeah, I have been.  So go ahead and before we start, why don’t you state your name and who you are and what you do and your stance.  I think it’s best we do that first.

GT: Alright, my name is Geordie Tait, I’m 34 years old, living in San Mateo, California. I’ve had a lot of different jobs since I was 18.  Uh, some of them having to with writing, some of them having to do with game design, some of them having to do with art production, some of them have to do with other stuff.  And my stance: I’ve seen a lot of sentiment that I’m irrelevant or whatever, and I understand why they would say that because there’s kind of some ‘ships that pass in the night’ stuff going on here in that I’m.. I guess I am kind of irrelevant to your stated goal of media straightforwardness and no shifty stuff going on because I believe that that’s irrelevant and what I really wish would happen is that gamergate as a whole would shift to, is that, just a generally less hostile attitude toward women – and I’m sure people are going scream and say “But we don’t have a hostile attitude toward women”, but I think in effect you basically do.  I think it’s nonsense to say otherwise.

KOP: Okay, so I think we’ve got an understanding on where your stance is on that point.  Now, obviously we had a little… we did talk a little bit before this and the first thing I think we should just jump right into is your original facebook post that you made to

GT: Okay

KOP: Why don’t you explain that a little bit in detail for everybody until we can get a better understanding, and we’ll go through it along the way.

GT: Sorry, could you repeat that?

KOP: Why don’t you explain the context of it in detail and we’ll go through it along the way.

GT: Alright, here we go.  So, in the beginning, I thought that all that the…my author page specifically had been defeated –excuse me- deleted from where I was a columnist for a long time, 13 years.  And so, I just started it with a request to them that, you know, if you delete my author page, you might as well take all of my work off the site as well, y’know, no hard feelings.  But, it turns out I misunderstood what was going on.  They were having some sort of site redesign and the only way you could find anyone’s author page was by putting in a date range.  I had no clue, but anyway, so that turned out to be nothing.  And, uh.  Let’s see, let’s move along here.

KOP: So, okay, let me just kind of go through it now.  You, um, you that said you were going be frank (unintelligible), there’s no chance that you would ever change your stance in what you had to say in this.  Is that still true or is there any change that you would make thus far?

GT: No, there’s no changes I would make.  If anything, the things that have been said to me have only reinforce my belief of the general, you know, the general tenor of gamergate’s various participants, members,

KOP: Now, as I was going through this, I was reading this yesterday on my stream, yesterday I was going through it and I kind of lost you for a little bit because you jumped into what you suggested, uh, “the final solution”, and I’m going to read it here verbatim.

GT: Sure.

KOP: “I’m not the one making light of ‘the final solution’, in fact I’m using the suggested punishment fittingly because I honestly and without hesitation think that each and every one of these fucking assholes should be tossed into Treblinka.  Right now you’re probably gasping and saying ‘how dare you say such a thing?’”  Um, could you, I mean, why would you, why would that ever be a good idea? Just, out of curiousity, I mean, why would any time a genocidal talk would be a good idea to throw at something?  What is… where are you coming with this?

GT: Um, well, I mean, I consider Gamergate a, literally, an evil force, and, if I’m going to have the courage of my convictions, if someone was going to ask me the tough question“if you believe their evil, would you sanction their elimination?”  You know, would you believe that makes the world a better place? and the answer’s gotta be ‘yes’ or I’m just full of shit.

KOP: Okay, so you stated that, and you did mention things like gassing gamergaters or, y’know, letting take the cyanide, as you put it, and a lot of people are kind of upset about that – they’re upset about a lot of things in this, but – they’re really upset about that part, um, and ‘in my opinion’… you said that you think that gamergate is evil.  I mean, why do you say that?  I mean, there’s a lot of good that’s come out of Gamergate as much as there is as bad.

GT: Nope.  I don’t believe that even one good thing has come out of gamergate.

KOP: So, I can name one right off the top of my head, I mean, you can look at the Fine Young Capitalists and what they did.  $50,000?  Another time was when they donated for people who… with… I think it was suicide, wasn’t it?  It was either suicide or breast cancer, one of the two, and that was about $7,000.  I mean, I don’t know how you can say that, do you not remember those or did you never see those?

GT: Well, I’ve got to admit, I am not, um, as aware of those events as you seem to be.

KOP: Well, I mean, the Fine Young Capitalists was a big one.  They were the ones that stated that Zoe Quinn ruined their ideolo- their ideals, and their company, which was they were a radical feminist group, a gaming group, that makes games for female- for women in general – they put out the ideas and people vote on it and people will donate for that game, and apparently Zoe Quinn was, uh… did harass them and tore down their company and ruin them and defame them.  And they got no media light, they were shut out by the media, um, and 4chan of all places reached out to them and helped them reclaim that by donating $105,000 to help them fund a game for a woman.

GT: Okay, now I understand what the event that you’re talking about, um, I’m reading a little background information here.  I would, okay, so, if they’re self-described radical feminists, I would guess that they are… because you guys don’t hate them, I’m going to guess that they’re the people who, um, say that they don’t need help, it would weaken women to be given aid and…

KOP: I’m not sure following, what do you mean?

GT: Well, there’s no need…  there’s no need to demonize men, is that the main point of the Fine Young Capitalists?  I’m trying to figure out…

KOP: No…  the idea was that they were going to help the people, Literally Who or Zoe Quinn, however you prefer to call her, had ruined, in that sense, and this group that was radical feminists trying to help women and support women and show that women in video game industries are important.  And they proved that with $105,000 worth of donation money toward that to help them out.  I would say that their actions speak louder than their words in that aspect.

GT: Hmm

KOP: I don’t know, you could disagree, but that’s what it shows.

GT: I don’t feel that I know enough about, uh, their entire background in what they did to argue effectively with you.

KOP: No problem, okay, fair enough, fair enough, let’s move on from the next one. Uh, so you said, uh, in your article, let’s go down here…  Now you jumped straight kinda off the rails here, you kinda jumped straight to the 6 million jews.  You talked about 3 million being women themselves, and you kinda went on down a little bit into naming or listing things that women cannot do.

GT: Yep

KOP: Now you mention 50 billion women, and you kinda… and a lot of people maybe took it out of context, but you kinda said that ‘the suffering that women have had since for 11970 years, 119 centuries…’

GT: Approximately…

KOP: You claim that was because of men or gamergate?

GT: It wasn’t because of gamergate, like that’s just an example of something stupid that they would say or attribute to me in order to you know fire people up, but I..  It’s ridiculous to say it’s because of gamergate which didn’t exist for the huge share of that time.  I do think it’s because of men, though.

KOP: Go into detail, why do you think that men are responsible for the oppression.

GT: Men were in charge of everything, they set the laws, they, um, back when we were just a bunch of knuckle dragging chimps wandering around, they were responsible for forming the basis of the first societies and it all went from there, and since the very first moment of human existence women have not been equal with men, they’ve always been behind, and we’ve been, as a whole, pushing back against them ever since.

KOP:  So, you think that it was because back then that men controlled everything, including history, correct?

GT: Um, I would… I mean, I.. they basically controlled history, I guess, but I don’t think that’s significant, I would say that it’s significant that they controlled government, laws, religion, all that stuff.  They were, women were, the further back you get in history, the more women are just baby factories, probably illiterate, you know, that sort of thing.

KOP: Okay.  Now I know we did talk about this a little bit, I explained to you why you would suggest that men were more involved than women in the sense that what you were saying and how really… and I would have to correct you, historically, at least 11000 years ago, in civilizations and medieval times and before them, the men who did everything, as you said made society, were builders or forgers or anything like that, and women were known as the gatherers, and they still kind of are today, we still see the social stigmas of that.  The prime example today would be, uh, a man, as myself and many others, I don’t know about you, but many guys can say this, when I go to the store, say Walmart, and I go and buy something.  I go to Walmart not to look around or shop, but to go for what I want and come home.  Right, most guys do that.  A woman will either go to the store to shop or shop for clothes, go with their friends to go shop, and things like that, they’ll do different things, it’s a type of foraging, right?  Naturally and instinctually.  Even then back then, women were the caretakers and the foragers of the times, and they were the gatherers, while men were, as you said, the builders.  Our strength and our status kind of raised us to be men, that it was nature vs nurture at that point, that’s just how we’re built.  We’re stockier and stuff like that.  Men were also the ones who fought the wars and they were never home, but, during the times they were never there, women took care of everything else.  They took care of the children, the took care of the livelihood, they did the work, they did the job, they had to get money somehow and do things to get money.  If you want to talk about more recently, we can look at ww2; men fought the war of ww2, and for America, women did all the labor and the backwork for men.  They worked and they built the cars, they built the bullets, they built the plane, they did everything that was industrial and they had… they were way ahead of the times, when men came back, with their money, women had just amount of money, if not more experience and money, as the men did who came back from war.  Just to give you an example, but the point of what I’m trying to make is, to say that men and women have never had this equal footing is kind of arbitrary.  It’s a little much.  It’s a little blanket statement, it’s a little vague, and I hope you understand that in that point.

GT: No, I’m sorry, I don’t agree with you.  I think that it’s true that there’s never been equal footing.  Y’know, I don’t know what to say besides that.  Can I ask you a question?

KOP: Yeah, go ahead, sure.

GT: I was just sort of sitting around here preparing for the interview and I heard you burst into laughter at the sight of something someone said in the chat, and I was wondering if you could repeat out loud what it was, the name that you laughed at.

KOP: Oh, sure, let me scroll up, um, I know that someone was making a joke about your name.

GT: Yep.

KOP: What about it?

GT: Can you read it out loud?

KOP: Uh, sure, hold on if I can find it.  Someone repost it for me, cuz it goes down.  Actually the guy who said it (unintelligible), you can repost it.  But uh, it had a little quote in your name.  Is it important to justify that?

GT: I just want…  I’m just saying you laughed and got some enjoyment out of reading that.

KOP: Well, it was a funny name.  I’ve gotten different names as well, King of Friendzone, King of Cuck, King of Shills, if you want to go through it, we can go through it, it’s nothing, just a name, man.  It’s not that important what people make fun of.

GT:  But all I’m saying is it has something to do with the Holocaust and you had no problem laughing at it.

KOP: Actually, it didn’t, it was ‘Geordie “pullin the trigga on all the niggas” Tait’, but it had nothing to do with the Holocaust at all.

GT: Well, I mean, okay…

KOP: It’s irrelevant at the point, people make jokes at everybody all the time, it’s just society.  You can’t just demonize everything or be offended by everything that comes out of people’s mouths.

GT: I’m not.  I’m not offended at all.

KOP: Okay.

GT: I’m the one who is making the jokes about, you know, various things involving the Holocaust…

KOP: that’s fine

GT: …because I believe you should be able to do that.  But, y’know.

KOP: Well, that’s fine, that’s you, I’m just saying it’s not a big deal, I’ve been called plenty of names, trust me.  I just got done dealing with a lot of drama myself, so.  So, anyway, back onto the gamergate stuff in your article.

GT: Yep, okay.

KOP: You cited stuff out of the Bible as examples of what was going on with women.  Do you kind of want to touch on that a bit? I mean, you did mention religion.

GT: Yeah.  What do you want me to..

KOP: I don’t know, I mean why would the Bible be a good source to show how women were oppressed or understood?

GT: Because it’s one of the major building blocks of the most popular religion, you know, one of the most popular religions in history and it’s filled from front to back with women being used as chattel and stoned to death, the rules that say that they can’t, they can’t, y’know if you lay with an animal you get killed or whatever, you know, stuff like that.

KOP: But let me ask you this, that’s a problem with… why is it okay to make jokes about the Holocaust, out of curiousity?

GT: Well, I wasn’t making jokes about Jews, that’s the key things.

KOP:  What’s the difference?

GT: There’s a huge difference.  I was making jokes about gamergate.

KOP: Right, but you’re referencing gamergate with the holocaust, that’s… that’s… the Holocaust, if you take the Holocaust as political correctness, the Holocaust is about massacring genocide of the Jewish people.  So just saying Holocaust is making a reference to Jews.

GT: Yeah, I guess in a way, but I wasn’t making… certainly I wasn’t talking about, you know, Jews getting burned.  I was talking about the members of gamergate being incinerated, which I think is justified.

KOP: Why is genocide ever justified, out of curiosity?

GT: Because these are literally evil people who are making people’s lives worse just by existing.

KOP: Okay, give me some examples, some links maybe, something I can show that these people are so evil that they needed to be genocided, at least something that would, you know, I can understand that, I can understand the concept of ‘Listen and Believe’, but I also understand the concept of ‘Trust but Verify’.

GT: Yup.

KOP: And I would want to trust it, but you’ve gotta verify it with me and everybody else, so that we understand that we are…

GT: I really think that, you know, I mean it’s so obvious to me, I just feel like you must not be looking for it.  You must be just ignoring 90% of what the members of gamergate say, cuz it’s…

KOP: I’m not, I’m just saying can I get some links and stuff to show to the chat why we’re, why gamergate, is evil?

GT: I could try and find some. I didn’t actually prepare any.  I could have.

KOP: No, no problem, we don’t have to rush it.  Just look while we talk, it’s no big deal.

GT: Alright, I’ll try.

KOP: Okay, so, going down into this, you said something that was, okay… I gotta go through all this, so much you said… Okay.  I had to take this out of context.  “You know everything about women’s rights that life as a /k/ forum troll, a shitty asvab score and a skimming of Atlas Shrugged while Jerking off in the bathroom of at chick-fil-a has taught you.  Yes, I mean you Adam Baldwin.”  Just, can you clarify why Adam Baldwin is any of that?

GT: Adam Baldwin is a fucking dick.  Even if he’s not any of that he’s a fucking dick, but…  Okay, a /k/ forum troll, what I mean is like a gun enthusiast.  A Shitty ASVAB score is just a joke at the expense of someone who is trying to get into the military.  Skimming of atlas shrugged while jerking off in the bathroom of chick-fil-a is, you probably know the owner of chick-fil-a is, y’know…

KOP:  Well, they’re Christian, they’re hardline Christian.

GT: Hardline Christian fucking piece of shit.  You know, republican.  And Atlas Shrugged, self explanatory for why that’s stupid.  So, I mean, that’s it, it’s just one long running insult.

KOP: Okay, so I’m going to read this next thing you said.

GT: Yep.

KOP: “The bottom dwelling complete idiot neckbeard loser piece of motherfucking shit tacobell breathing wheezing greasy iphone dialing tank ass putting mayonnaise on dental floss scumbag, the guy doublefisting memes and cheese slices, the guy making a custer’s revenge sprite in minecraft, the guy who has never written or produced anything worth a damn in a pitiful chair compacting back of neck wiping life.”  Now, I’ve gotta say… You said that gamergate is very evil.  Would you say that they bully people and harass them?

GT:  Are you trying to draw a comparison between that and that paragraph?

KOP: A little bit, but I’m just saying do you not see the difference?

GT: I do see the difference.

KOP: What’s the difference between what I read, where you generalize all of gamergate as this in such a detailed way.

GT: and bullying and harassment?  Well bullying and harassment necessarily usually is at the expense of someone who is uh…  what’s the word I’m looking for here.  Someone who is having a hard time already.  Socially downtrodden person.  The example I would use is a woman in our society who is, has so many more obstacles to deal with than a man.  So, you know, that…

KOP: Sorry, I don’t mean to interject, but when you say a woman has more obstacles in our first world society than a man does, can you give me some examples?

GT: Yeah, well, they’re dealing with the ghost of a lot of inequalities and inequalities that still exist and you can scroll up to that giant list of stuff that I listed.  Some of that stuff.  Well, some of the stuff on that list is an example of the inequalities that women suffer.  And of course the area where there’s overlap between gamergate and me the most is the women treatment in media the way they’re portrayed.  The way that you know young girls have to encounter these examples of media that dictate how they grow up.

KOP: So, you’re saying in a first world country the stuff you listed happens on would you say a daily basis, weekly, monthy?

GT: Uh, you know, minute-ly.

KOP: Minute-ly?  Alright, so I’m going to read some of them out loud and then we’ll talk about them.  Is that good?

GT: Yep, sure.

KOP: ” In some countries not leave their own home without being stoned to death.”  I don’t know about you, but in America I don’t think when a woman walks out her door she’s gonna get stoned to death.

GT: Yep, not applicable to America.

KOP: What country are you referring to?

GT: Iran.

KOP: Well, that’s a 3rd world country that has real feminist-y problems, but how does that reference to gamergate at all?

GT: What do you mean, how’s that a reference to gamergate?  Like, this is just generally.  Like this is an example.  Let me say this: it’s an Islamic country, right?  There’s a lot of Islamic people in the united states, which is a 1st world country and in other first world countries.  So the GHOST of the edicts that allowed people to hand her son a stone and have her killed by her own kid, the remnants of that are still… exist in the holy books that people are using in America.  And you can’t tell me there’s not some leakage there, it doesn’t just cut off and like…

KOP: But there’s a difference between reading a book and actually acting on it, you know what I mean?  Prime example would be what happened to John Lennon.  There’s a difference between reading a book and acting on it.  There we have common sense and common sense would dictate that.  There’s a massive margarine line where you don’t walk out your door and stone someone to death because you read a book.

GT: Yeah, I would agree, but you can… the lack of respect and lack of humanity you attribute to a female that allows the book to even have those words written in it and pervades the book and the chapters surrounding it.  That chapter, the ones after it and the ones before it, they are in your head, and that is what you teach to your kid.  And it just keeps going and going and going.

KOP: Well, that’s 1st amendment rights, that’s freedom of speech…

GT: Yeah.

KOP: …you can’t stop it as long as it doesn’t harm others in any way.

GT: It does harm others, it harms women.

KOP:  It doesn’t just harm women though, there’s plenty of people harmed by many things, but you can’t say that a book harms just a woman.  It doesn’t really work that way, we know that as a society.  You don’t’ have to reenact what happens in a book, and anyone who does is obviously mentally unstable.

GT: I’m fine with some splash damage if other people are helped by the elimination of everyone’s Koran or, you know, that’s fine with me.

KOP: But..

GT: What?

KOP: Let’s take it out of context from the Koran. So you say that all these things happen to women on a minute-ly basis, though we know the majority of what you’ve linked happens in 3rd world countries where womens rights are still being fought today.  But not in the majority of countries.

GT: I mean that’s the cradle of civilization, I mean, we all came from there.  Like the rem.. the echoes of all of that is still massive in our media and our laws and our culture.

KOP: I have to stop there, because it’s (unintelligible) echoed in our culture and our laws, and you don’t (unintelligible) you know a suggestion on the media, I’m not turning on Fox News and their advocating going to stone a woman to death or not letting her drive her car.  We have laws against everything about that, we have bills of rights and everything like that.  My boss, a director who makes 10 times more money than I do who runs a hospital, is a woman.  There’s plenty of women, the woman who runs intel that Gawker Media slammed across the floor.  She’s a woman.  The majority…

GT: So?

KOP: What do you mean so?

GT: I mean so? Who fucking cares?  That doesn’t mean shit.

KOP: Obviously you do, because you say that…

GT: No it doesn’t.

KOP: You just said you’re about for women and all these women have problems and I’m showing you examples of that’s not the case.

GT: Those are just examples of women who are in high positions.

KOP: Right, okay, but that doesn’t mean anything, that’s still a woman who worked her way to get there, that’s what I’m saying.

GT: Sure.

KOP: Look at divorce court rating.  Women win way more than a man does any time and the majority always goes to the woman, it’s dictated in the law.

GT: Oh, my god.

KOP: It’s true, you can’t deny it.

GT: I mean, I deny it.

KOP: I guess you can, but I mean, it’s still there, it’s a fact, at least in American society, women will win that half the time and they’ll still get the alimony and men will get hurt much more.  There was an article not too long ago about a guy who got completely screwed and his wife was a meth addict and he wasn’t.  It happens regularly, it happens a lot.  Divorce court systems are a very big problem.  Aside that, back onto gamergate…  I’m just saying there’s more to it than what you’re suggesting is all I’m saying, so just keep an open mind on that part, whether you believe it or not.

GT: There really isn’t. There’s not more than what I’m suggesting at all.

KOP: Okay.

GT: This is all just deflection.

KOP: I guess, we were just discussing it, but we can move on.  All right, let’s see.  You made some… I’m going to read this out loud… actually I’m going to go down a little bit more.

GT: Go ahead.

KOP: “And you, the self hating gal(?) who internalizes everything her dumbfuck friends have shoveled down her sack and calls it a unique world view due to little more than pride and self importance fuming at hearing me say that you’re actually a feminist, sorry but you’re not. Tough shit.  If you’d listen to me, I’d be happy to explain to you what’s up, but you never have any intention of listening because you want to feel like the special little snowflake of your guild full of maladjusted ADD cases.  Notyourshield.”  When you said “Gal” were you referring to women or were you referring to Notyourshied?  I didn’t understand when I was reading that.

GT: I was referring to, like, an exaggerated example woman who I’m making fun of in this paragraph.  It’s pretty simple.

KOP: Was it Notyourshield, though, or was it a specific…

GT: Well, it’s typical of the people…  Maybe it’s possible that I misinterpreted it, what the membership not… membership of Notyourshield is.  But I thought that it’s feminists who nonetheless agree with gamergate.  Isn’t that Notyourshield?  Isn’t that what Notyourshield means?

KOP: No, Notyourshield is minorities and disabled people, transgendered, LBGTQ and feminists and other stuff like that, who…

GT: That’s close enough.  In this case, I’m talking about a feminist.

KOP: Okay, so in this case… how can you say that they’re not feminists if they relate to feminism and they say openly that they’re a feminist.  Isn’t that you kind of mansplaining to them what they are when they tell you they’re not?

GT: Yeah, they would probably say that, but again, I’ve gotta have the courage of my convictions, I mean, I’ve talked to like dozens, dozens of people who would, you know, agree with my assessment that they’re… they might claim to be a feminist but in practice they’re not accomplishing anything at all.

KOP: But isn’t that arbitrary?  You’re telling them what they are when in fact they’re telling you who they are?  Isn’t that kind of dictating who the person is?

GT: I mean, I’m saying that, you know, I’m not saying anything bad about the Holocaust and people don’t seem to agree with that, so it really doesn’t matter what you say about yourself.

KOP: Okay, alright, fair enough.  Would you mind if I brought in Sargon of Akkad here.  He wants to ask you a few questions, is that okay with you?

GT: Not at all, bring him on.

KOP: Okay, I’ll see if he’s ready.  I appreciate you being in here, man, it takes balls to come on and discuss these things.

GT: It’s no problem.  This chat is full of the dumbest collection of motherfuckers I’ve ever seen.

KOP: Jesus, man.  Alright, man.  I told you they were going to be pretty pissed off at you.  I warned you.

GT: Yeah.  I really don’t give a fuck what they think, so it doesn’t really matter.

Interview will continue with part 2 when Socks joins the conversation.

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