Hard, yet soft!

Hey, this is pretty cool news! Blueholme is a really great Holmes clone with a neat fairy-tale feel to it.

Dreamscape Design

01 Old & New
The first print proof of the Lulu print-on-demand version of the BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules has arrived. Soft cover, perfect bound, and shiny. I have a few observations, and I think I might need one more try before I’m satisfied, but overall I’m happy. Who am I kidding, I ran around the flat waving my arms in the air and singing a silly tune – but let’s not dwell on that.

The blue of the cover is not quite the right shade – I want to try for something a little closer to the Holmes book you can see to the left there. Although the perfect binding seems fine so far, I also want to try a saddle-stitched option. If that works, I’ll probably offer both options.

The interior looks good, and the 10-point font is nicely readable – something that I can’t say for most rulebooks in this day and…

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2 responses to “Hard, yet soft!

    • Hey, no problem! Even though we’ve been using quite a pastiche of systems and modules for our current game, so far the Blueholme content has been some of our favorite.

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