Necromancer Looks Awesome

I can’t say for certain, but this looks like it will totally scratch my itch for an infantry-driven Defense game.   I hope I’ll be able to run it.



4 responses to “Necromancer Looks Awesome

    • I know. I hope I’ll be able to run it. I really like a lot of the gameplay concepts at work here, where you have a game that is “Defend the path” but also “the path isn’t everything, so prepare for anything”.

      • During the video I wondered how long the “campaign mode” was designed to last. I like the idea of players being allowed to carry units forward between missions but I wonder if they have a “Blue Shell” mechanic designed to prevent a player from keeping a lead through the entire game.


      • I think Sargon said that the game was something like 50 missions but that more could be developed in the future. I don’t know for sure, but it sounds like there are a some balancing mechanisms in place in terms of unit costs and what can be carried over. I’d guess that only a few units could be carried over per mission and they’d fall out of usefulness as stronger things were unlocked during the game’s progression.

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