Tech Insider Hails Ineffective and Libelous Blocklist as Future of Twitter!

Tech Insider is actually lauding this.

Randi Harper’s blocklist was put together based on whether or not certain individuals whom she deemed toxic were followed by twitter users.  The way I understand it, if you followed two or more of the people she deemed to be leaders of gamergate, you were on the blocklist that people were floating the idea of using as an industry blacklist.

Of course because of the poorly thought out  method of blocking using, accounts that typically do follow-backs ended up on Randi’s list of women-hating harassers.  Prominent accounts included both Kentucky Fried Chicken and Roberto Rosario, who happened to be the Puerto Rican Chair of the IDGA.  Thousands of innocent individuals have now been publicly labelled as serial harassers of women because they followed users Harper disagreed with.

Twitter does face legitimate challenges in dealing with burner accounts and terrorists, but Randi Harper’s blocklist is the last thing they should look to for a model for the future.


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