#Gamergate Cardgame update:

Just so I wouldn’t be talking out of my ass about it, I went ahead and bought the PDF of James Desborough’s Gamergate: The Card Game from Gumroad.  Having looked at all of the cards, this is some of the most innocuous shit I’ve ever seen in comparison with the levels of outrage against it.  Maybe not quite Catcher in the Rye levels of disproportionate outrage here, and the words “fuck” and “shit” come up a lot, but the only thing really ‘problematic’ with this game would be finding someone to play it with that you didn’t have to explain all of the jokes to.

At some point, I might buy a physical copy just to have, but given that the last time I bought a card game (Gloom) I never ended up playing except at times when other people or places had copies floating around, it might be a bit before I get one.

Still, the most awesome thing would be a physical set where every card that is an homage to a specific individual was autographed by that person.  I’d love to have a Christina Hoff Sommers autographed Based Mum or a “Cicero Everybodypeeps” signed by Milo Yiannopoulos.  Hell, even the Antis, though that would probably be next to impossible.

It would make one hell of a collectors item, though.


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