Leave a Comment for a Free Copy of City at the Top of the World

Leave a comment, and I will email you the pdf version of City at the Top of the World.  Please make sure that the account you leave your comment with has a valid email address associated with it so I can send you a copy of the book!  Please note, a “Like” will not provide me a link to your email address; it must be a comment.

This offer is valid until December 21st; you will receive your copy on December 22nd.


5 responses to “Leave a Comment for a Free Copy of City at the Top of the World

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  2. It took me all this time to realize this is a choose-your-own adventure book, not an RPG supplement. Now i’m interested!
    I swung by the Amazon listing … as a librarian, I love that the “look inside” actually shows the title page. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is not to be able to see those on 99% of “look inside”s (we give titlep ages top priority as the source of title and other bibliographic info, and a lot of books don’t use the same info on the cover, spine, etc. as that title page!
    Anyway thanks for offering this. If I manage to finish it (I have trouble reading for extended periods from a screen) I’ll post a review on Goodreads and Amazon, for what ever that is worth. I’m guessing the layout issues would make this a biatch to format for print, since you’d have to add page numbers to everything.

    • Awesome! I really appreciate it!
      Actually, I’ve got a print edition, which the PDF I’m giving away for free is a digital version of. Basically, the kindle edition is just the original with the page numbers stripped out of the choice links.
      Doing layout was less difficult than you’d think. Basically, I treated each node as a chapter and used Word 2010’s heading linking. After it was all finished, I went in and changed the letter codes I’d assigned to sections to the page numbers they ended up on.

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