I really need the weekend to come.

Batman: Arkham City, Painkiller (which I found for $3 and bought on Yahtzee’s by now many years old recommendation), and a biography of Talleyrand are all competing for my time and attention. Plus, I need to follow through on buying the full Defender’s Quest now that I’ve exhausted the demo content. And no, I haven’t forgotten my promise to come up with some more MYFAROG related content!

I desperately need to force myself to do more work on the as-yet untitled City at the Top of the World followup. I may have turned a corner on my fall fuguing, and I may actually have the energy to start working on it again.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with HALLS anymore, due to recent events. I know it needs some work before it’s worth even tossing out as an alpha, but the OBS situation has thoroughly demotivated me. Same with polishing up my OSR classes & monsters, which are actually fairly close to ready for publication (they’d just need to be formatted), though I’d probably need to do so without the original art associated with them for various copyright reasons. I really wish that Paul Thornton, AKA Shortymonster, hadn’t disappeared off the face of net, considering it was one of his character portrait texts that was associated with the Prodigal Apprentice class and I would’ve loved to have him write something for the Abbey Monk class, but I don’t know where or how to track him down, which is a shame, since he was one of my first friends in the online tabletop community.

At the risk of further reducing my chances of winning a free copy of Eric Holmes’ Maze of Peril, I’ll take a moment to mention that Zenopus Archives is doing their annual Holmes for the Holidays give-away. Leave a comment for a chance to win.

Speaking of give-aways, I’d like to remind anyone who “liked” the post for the Free copy of City at the Top of the World, a like won’t get you a copy (as much as I’d like to give you one!) because a like doesn’t show your email address.


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