Dropped some coin on the full Defender’s Quest

I can’t think of any better way for a game to say “Welcome to Paid Content” than having a Red Dragon join your party. Ironically, the Red Dragon may be the weakest member of my party, given how hard I was grinding to get 3 stars on all of the Demo missions. One of the things I worried about was the subsequent missions might be too easy because I’d gotten my party up to around level 16 or so; fortunately those fears seem to be unfounded. Yeah, the 1 star missions will probably stay a cake-walk for a bit, but 2 star missions are challenging and 3 star missions are, at the moment, impossible. I can’t imagine how high level I’ll need to be to kill that stupid golden sheep.

I don’t know how much more I’ll be blogging about Defender’s Quest; most of the blowing away has already happened, and I’ve said what I think is worth saying about the system. Still, thought I’d give it one last plug this year. Depending on how my TD style D&D encounter goes, I’ll maybe add some additional remarks.

In the meantime, check this livestream going on now about Tabletop games.


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