Christmas Comes Early for Anti- #GamerGate

Anti-GG got two massive Christmas presents between the ZQ fanfic and Jimmy Wales admitting that evidence of wrong-doing is not requisite to be known for wrong-doing.

No one was talking about the ZQ ebook (as a self-published ebook on amazon, anyone could have put it up there) or knew it existed until the Techcrunch article came out about it. Yesterday, completely off the radar. It may not have even existed yesterday and today it no longer exists at all. It’s ridiculously unlikely that anyone in GG had anything to do with this precisely because of how obvious it is how it would be perceived. So far, I haven’t seen anyone who is Pro-GG condoning this*** and many who are loudly condemning it.

Most Likely Culprits?*
Anon Trolls
Something Awful Goons

Somewhat Likely Culprits?
Random Anti-GG False Flaggers

Not likely But Possible Culprits?
Prominent Anti-GG Individuals

Least Likely Culprits?
Actual Pro-GG individuals

As for the Wikipedia thing, it’s kind of a facepalm moment, but it’s really to be expected. When the whole thing is about questioning the reliability of media sources, and only the media sources whose reliability is in question are considered reliable while media sources who question the reliability of other media sources are not, of course you’re going to end up with an absurd bias. If Wikipedia existed in Germany in the 1930s, articles about Jews would focus heavily on how they were detrimental to the economy and how they mixed the blood of Christian babies into their matzo balls, and Jimmy Wales would say “Well, that’s what Jews are famous for” because Der Sturmer was a reliable source and Jewish publications were not.

Consumers of media: “The Media is corrupt and holds its audience in contempt!”
The Media: “The Media is not corrupt, and anyone saying we are is racist and sexist!”
Wikipedia: “Well, if the media says those who question it are racist and sexist…”

ask yourself

*Update: There is another possibility of just a sick weirdo trying to cash in while not realizing there is no audience for it.  There was one other ebook by the offending author, Valeria O., published on amazon around a year ago, featuring erotic content.

**Update 2: Major break, though awaiting verification.  Author of the ZQ erotic fan fic posts an AMA on Kotaku in Action, admits she is not involved with Gamergate and apologizes for dragging the tag’s name through the mud.****

***Update 3: Disclosure, I am seeing some folk in the AMA saying more or less ‘write whatever you want’, so you can take that as condoning.

****Update 4: If this is real*****, my favorite part of the apology is that the author maybe thought this was a good idea because she found the Internet Aristocrat x Nero(Milo Yiannopoulos) erotic fan fiction when she was doing ‘research’.

*****Update 5: Apparently it has been verified that yes, this is the author.


4 responses to “Christmas Comes Early for Anti- #GamerGate

  1. I still don’t have the time or energy to keep up with GG and antiGG but the Wikipedia article gave me the impression that there are legitimate concerns being raised by the people GG is against, and that GG is raising legitimate concerns, but the larger “movements” involved have been co-opted by the worst parts of their respective camps. It looks like a pretty big range of sources are being cited, though. I don’t think it is reasonable to lump all media into one bucket of unreliability, even if I agree that in general journalism tends to be lazy and uninformed (including indie journalism). But I doubt people on either “side” of the controversy are happy with the Wikipedia version.

    • Well, within the last 24 hours, apparently, some antiGG people started posting CP to try to show that GG supports CP, so we’re clearly way the fuck through the looking glass here.

  2. Well – that’s the issue when you have an untrustworthy media that has, among other things, been utterly hypocritical in following its ideals, and people opposing it.

    Gawker (and its subsidiaries), Polygon, etc. have an axe to grind in the sense that many of the people who write for them are hard core ideologues. These people will on one hand say “we JUST want to critique media and offer suggestions to make it better.” Ditto “tolerance”, and “we’re not attacking your hobby”

    Of course, the critiques are often not only cherry picked, but on some occasions we’re being told that it’s exactly the opposite of the example shown to us.

    It’s not enough to say “we need more of…..” (and in an era where access to computing power and the knowledge needed to develop games is readily available to almost anyone in the west) or to simply make the games they want – instead Bans are organized, game devs are harassed. A massive media campaign is literally coordinated between multiple outlets, and the most blatant liars go on the news to spread falsehoods that are easily disproven if one cares to look.

    Games are praised for being “socially relevant” by people who, in other venues, will gladly tell you they want to destroy the concept of what a game is, and why should a game be fun? It should TEACH you something!

    And if you disagree, no matter your race, gender, or ideology, you don’t simply disagree, you are a misogynist. A racist. A hater. If not a white male, a traitor to your own kind.

    One side, as the graphic above illustrates, is composed of everything from hard right wingers to anarchist libertarians, including all genders, races, and many creeds but that of the hard left. Many thought themselves liberals in good standing until a couple months back. They just want to have their fun. If the story or game needs a girl, or whatever intersectional checkbox figure, great. If it doesn’t, then checking off social checkboxes won’t make the game any better.

    The other proclaims their ideological opponents “dead” and sock puppets. Tells them they can’t be a real woman/whatever. It is about ideology uber alles, whatever the correct thought of the day is (and it will change again next week). It’s happened in other fields including SF (See Larry Correia on the Hugos and “Sad Puppies” and essays on “ending default binary gender”)

    • All great points. It’s always ironic to watch those who shout loudest for diversity and the need for inclusivity to be the first to demand the silence of others.

      I consider myself lucky that my WordPress world and footprint is small enough that I haven’t attracted any harassment, but I’ve seen plenty of game developers and writers of both video and tabletop games under fairly vicious attack for having the courage to speak out.

      Lastly, I think it’s worth noting that the whole incident shines light on the failings of the modeling of political spectra. If ultra-left progressivism requires ultra-right authoritarianism to achieve its goals, and left is right and right is left, then up is down and down is up. Part of it comes from perspective; in the ‘old world’, conservatism would implicate a loyalty to the traditions of aristocracy and, thereby, authoritarianism of a hereditary variety, with liberalism advocating more democratic ideals of self-governance with republicanism as a sort of happy middleground. Meanwhile, in America, where we have a long tradition of liberal self-governance, conservatism advocates traditionalism where the tradition is steeped in free-thinking individualism, while the liberalism advocates a move toward a collectivist authoritarianism, while the middle ground is to happy with an oligarchical semi-collectivist state where one has only marginal influence of policy beyond the most basic of local level governance.

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