Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo

Every time I see people complain about how Islamophobia is a problem, I can’t help but think “Aren’t people somewhat justified in being scared shitless of Islam given the extremely bad track record of Muslim extremists killing people over speech?”  Is Molly Norris who thought she could just apologize for Everybody Draw Muhammad Day even still alive?  Will I be killed for this blog post?

2 responses to “Charlie Hebdo

  1. Actually a guy is facing charges in for using an image of the Buddha on his storefront in Burma:
    And that kid in PA was charged for posing with a Jesus statue in a disrespectful manner:
    Death threatsthough? Not that I know of. But then again the US news tends to focus on the religion of the criminal when Muslims who behead people in Oklahoma but not when Christians behead people in Oklahoma, for example. So death threats issued by fringe Christians etc. tend to be ignored or brushed off as unrepresentative (No TRUE Scotsman…).
    There are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, & pagan terrorists, too. But a lot more Islamic terrorists lately. Personally I think the problem is religion full stop. Monotheistic religions seem to be the worst, and right now Islam is the worst of the worst.

    • Well, one reason death threats by fringe Christians are written off is for doctrinal reasons. Do people do fucked up things in the name of other religions? Hell yes, they do. But perhaps with the exception of the cult of Kali in India, there are few examples besides Islam that have risen to the level of national and international crisis demanding the attention of world leaders.

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