J’Rhazha – Defining a Trickster Through His Attitudes Regarding Magic

So, the character I’m wanting to play is a Rakasta Illusionist. I’m trying to get a feel for the sort of character he’ll be by thinking of how he sees his craft.

In this setting, Rakastas are generally non-magical, though have a tradition of mysticism. The character, therefore, may see himself as an aspect of the Trickster, whatever it is for his culture (probably a kitten).

Though he gained his powers (or thinks he did) by protecting his people (he killed and drank the blood of a wizard who attacked his tribe), he is an outcast from his people for what he has become.

Anyway, i wanted to get a feel for the character by trying to come up with what he thinks about his powers and how he uses them. This will likely change as he becomes more powerful and taps into the realm of shadows, but for now, he’ll be content being a mischievous mage-blood drinking cat.

Audible Glamour – “Always with the tinkling. It bothers J’Rhazha, maybe it will bother them?”
Change Self – “Everyone should be capable of change.”
Color Spray – “Look at the bright lights! See how distracting they are?”
Darkness – “J’Rhazha thinks sometimes it is better not to see than to be seen.”
Detect Illusion – “J’Rhazha thinks this is not what Jo’Rhazha thinks this is.”
Detect Invisibility – “J’Rhazha can see you!”
Gaze Reflection – “J’Rhazha hears that when one stares into darkness, sometimes darkness stares back. But when darkness stares back, darkness does not see J’Rhazha!”
Hypnotism – “You will do what J’Rhazha wants you to do.”
Light – “Sometimes seeing is better than not being seen.”
Phantasmal Force -“J’Rhazha has many ways to bother and confuse you.”
Wall of Fog – “Where has J’Rhazha gone? Where has anything gone?”

Yeah, I know, he’s just a Khajiit knockoff (though Khajitt are knockoffs of Rakastas are knockoffs of other earlier sci-fi/fantasy cat-men), but I think he’ll be fun to play.

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