Random Friday Thoughts

I promise that I’ll have some work done on the MYFAROG role cards by the end of the month. I’ve been sick lately, so haven’t gotten done a lot of what I’ve meant to get done, and some personal headaches within my gaming group have had me in a bit of a downcast mood. At least I know that some of my players are die-hards, love my game and want to see it through to the fullest extent of the content I have at my disposal for it. So, for sure, I’m going to pick up some butcher paper and get it gridded out for a big fucking battle.

So, enjoy this non-gaming related stuff while I try to load up on enough vitamin-C that I can get over whatever it is I have.

What do the Oscars show us? That Hollywood is much more insular and snobbish than the general public who have been willing to make women and minority actors & directors stars and successes for decades. The fact that anyone is surprised by this is the real shocker. There’s no real point in writing stories about how the Academy is “out of touch”; an Oscar season that reflected what the public was interested in would news.

Misandrists have cost the city of New York $76k in their anti-manspreading campaign (because men are the only people who take up more space than they should, apparently), but it’s probably a drop in the bucket compared with all the rest of what progressive idiocy is costing New Yorkers.

The Charlie Hebdo “All is Forgiven” cover is one of the most beautiful, conciliatory pieces ever created. Too bad that hand is always going to be slapped away so long as people would rather die (that is, would rather kill you) than allow Mohammed to be depicted as a figure of forgiveness.12-charlie-hebdo.w529.h529.2x

Finally, I heard that Sargon’s new game, Necromancer, is going to be turn-based instead of RTS. I was excited before, but I’m even more interested now.


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